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Rocket Man explodes with profanity

Sir Elton John has stunned fans with yet another obscenity-laced tirade.
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The Rocket Man has exploded yet again.

Sir Elton John has stunned fans with yet another obscenity-laced tirade. In recent weeks, John has made headlines with his expletive-filled rants, calling Taiwanese photographers “rude, vile pigs;” lashing out at Madonna in an F-word peppered tirade about her alleged lip-synching; and labeling an advisor to the wife of the British Prime Minister a “stupid cow” and a “mindless [bleeping] turd.”

Yesterday morning, John let loose with a string of curse words on a British radio show, prompting the embarrassed host to apologize to the audience.

John used the F-word on Radio 1 shortly after 9 a.m. London time “I’m not live on air?” he asked. “Yes, we’re live,” host Chris Moyles replied, and said, “I apologize to the young boys and girls.”

Then John started playfully filling his conversation with obscenities, asking if various curse words and vulgar British slang, were allowed. “’I’m sorry, I have this weird syndrome approaching 10 a.m.,” John quipped. “Can I please say [bleep] next week?”

Weighty matter

Movie star Renee Zellweger reacts to an overwelming crowd as she arrives for the world premier of her new film \"Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason\" in Sydney, Australia, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)Rob Griffith / AP

Reneé Zellweger wasn’t the only star of "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason" who packed on the pounds.

The actress said that her co-star, Hugh Grant, was so pudgy when they shot the sequel of the movie that a play fight with him “was more like wrestling my grandmother,” according to World Entertainment News Network.

“When we did do the fight scene three years ago, I think Hugh was then spending more time on his fitness and body,” Zellweger reportedly said. “It’s remarkable the difference three years can make, really. It was certainly easier for me because he was much fleshier, and the contours were much softer — it was more like wrestling my grandmother. Hugh complained all the time that I was hurting him and given him bruises. Probably, if we ever do it again, I’d advise him to get in a bit of training.”

Notes from all over

PARIS: Madonna and Lourdes out shopping
Madonna and daughter Lourdes spent an afternoon shopping on Paris' left bank, 3 September 2004.SIPA

Madonna’s daughter is now a published author. Eight-year-old Lourdes wrote a story, “Lucille” that will be included in  “Christmas Stories” — a book of short stories written by celebs. The profits are going to charity.  . . . Robert Redford says that, despite reports to the contrary, he’s not leaving the U.S. to protest the results of the presidential election. . . . was such a hit at the box office — bringing in more than an estimated on its opening weekend — that there’s already talk of a sequel.

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