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Relationship and religious woes rock 'Sister Wives' family

“Sister Wives” returned to TLC last Sunday night, and while the season-three premiere packed plenty of excitement with the announcement that there's a new family member on the way, the rest of the season promises far more drama.

In a newly released sneak peek, Kody Brown and his brides can been seen in the midst of several major shakeups.

The clip opens with fourth wife Robyn stating that she and the other grownup Browns “want (their) children to choose this faith.” That not-so-surprising take is followed by a dose of spiritual rebellion from Maddie, Kody’s eldest daughter with second wife Janelle, who isn’t so sure she wants to belong to any religion that encourages polygamy.

“I don’t necessarily believe that it’s right for me,” the teen revealed.

But it seems a conflict of faith still isn’t the toughest thing Kody and the gang will face. In fact, if the teases in the preview are anything to go by, they could be facing marital woes.

“When one of the couples is struggling, it shakes up the foundation of the family,” Janelle said in the clip.

As for the couple in question, it seems safe to say it’s Kody and Christine, given the third wife’s follow-up quote.

“I don’t feel special anymore,” she said.

Between religious disagreements, relationship problems and other issues ahead for his still-expanding family, the stress of it all might be a bit much for Kody.

“Whatever is going to happen is going to happen,” he told the camera with tears in his eyes.

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