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Readers split over ‘Dancing’ decision

Emmitt Smith is beloved, but some say Mario Lopez the better dancer
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It came down to the fans on Wednesday night. With the judges handing the same score to both Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez on "Dancing With the Stars," the disco-ball trophy was left to the fans to award.

And it was easy to predict that the fans would go for former football star Emmitt Smith. Some loved his personality and work ethic, some appreciated that he'd come from a non-dancer to a very good hoofer in such a short time.

Others, however, argued that actor Mario Lopez was the more technically skilled dancer of the two, and that the contest shouldn't be based on who was the most improved, but rather on who was the best dancer in the end. The debate rages on.

EMMITT FANS“I was rooting for Emmitt the whole time. He just showed such strength and personality but no conceit. His partner and coach deserves much credit, she did great this time as well as last time. Congratulations to both Emmitt and Cheryl on a job very well done.”    --Ellen

“The better man won because of just being natural and having a stage presence that is awesome. A true learning spirit and charisma we all long for in the present of others! Well done Emmitt!”    --Deborah

“I liked Emmitt from the beginning. He was humble and also proved to be an agile dancer. Joey was so dramatical, this wasn’t a movie audition. I voted for Emmitt every week because he is great.”    --Carole

“I was rooting for Emmit or Joey to win it all! Why? Because Mario could dance to begin with and the show is about turning no dancers into dancers. And his cockyness got in the way of what the competition was about and that was fun.”    --Shay

“I think that the article has been right on about Emmitt and my thoughts have nothing to do about football because I am not a fan, but his laid back charm, his ability to be coached, and listen, he was great. Mario on the other had struck me the same way as your article, knew he had it in the bag an I’ll go through the motions but I’ve got it in the bag attitude, he was good and cute, but he has work ahead of him to improve his attitude, because if all the people that saw him could see through him how do the people in the industry view him there has to be a bleed over.”    --Barbara

“Yes was sad to see Joey go, but the voters got it right. I was enchanted with Emmitt and really wanted him to win, and he did! I was horrified by the sour look of a VERY POOR LOSER, Karina, she really let it show both in her face and in what she said, just out and out sour grapes and very RUDE! Hooray for Cheryl, 2 in a row, and she was so humble and let Emmitt bask in his win! What a gal!”    --Diane

MARIO AND JOEY FANS“I think it should have been between Mario and Joey. Emmitt was good, but his popularity came into play and not being the best dancer.”    --M

“I didn’t understand what the contest was all about. Was it for the best dancer (Mario)or the most improved? (Emmitt)”    --Bob

“Mario was by far a better dancer than Emmitt. Just goes to show than the American public does not always care about the talent, rather something else about the person., i.e. ‘American Idol.’ Emmitt was not even close to the strongest dancer but had to have something the American public liked.”    --Greg

“Sorry, although I felt Emmitt improved,he was not the best. I guess this is a popularity contest not necessarily the best dancer. I am disappointed that Mario and Joey were not in the finals...I enjoyed watching but know from neighborhood chatter that people voted more than once...wish I could dance like any one of the contestants.”    --Ellen

“I love watching Dancing with the Stars but have to admit, it’s a personality contest. I loved watching Joey dance and hoped the end would have been Joey and Mario, but alas, I guess sports reins over 80’s sitcoms”    --Lindsey

“I rooted for Mario because he was the better dancer but since this is not actually a ‘dance competition’ he lost to the Mr. Nice Guy Emmitt.”    --Barbara

“There is no question Mario should have been the winner. I am mad as hell.”    --Anonymous