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Readers speak up about ‘Idol’ finalists

All of the remaining"Idol"  finalists have fans, and here are just some of your comments on who should win and who should go.
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Last week, Jessica Sierra finally bid farewell on "American Idol" -- a shock to many who suspected Scott Savol would be the one to go.

Savol wasn't even in the bottom three. But he made his own news later in the week when it was revealed that he had been for domestic violence. Still, Fox announced that he'd be remaining on the show.

All of the remaining finalists have fans, and here are just some of your comments on who should win and who should go.

“Jessica Sierra should not have been booted. Anthony should be gone. Jessica has an awesome voice and beautiful face and a lot of personality. Anthony is boring. I liked him at first but not now.”    --Jenny

“I do not believe Jessica should have gotten voted off. Her performance of ‘Alone’ by Heart really showed she has great talent. She did not do so great this last week, but no one should be penalized for one “off” day. Now she knows what is, and what is not her style. There are a few other contestants that did not prove one thing last week and did not do much better this week, and are still competing. Jessica has the heart and desire to be still be in the competition.”    --Tamara

“Anthony should get kicked off next. Come on he’s trying WAY too hard like with the whole losing the contacts thing! Get real!”    --Hannah

“Anthony is like a poor man’s Clay Aiken, and isn’t doing enough imagewise to change that. It’s a season of people with problems, albeit them all being worthy of being where they are. That’s why there isn’t one single frontrunner, rather 4 or 5. Because anyone could still win.”    --Jack

“Anthony Fedorov should win the contest. He has a beautiful voice.”    --Don

“I think Anwar is one of the best three in the competition and was shocked that he was in the bottom three.”  --Jody

“Anwar is too throaty and guttural in the lower range and downright unpleasant to listen to until he starts to air it out in the upper range.”  --Lisa

“And for me and all the military people we’re hoping and praying that Bo Bice will be the next American Idol. He deserves and he has  it, the only thing now is to name him The first “ Rock American Idol” and we really love him performing on the stage with his rock style.”  --Anonymous

“I would love to see Bo and Carrie go to the end, but even though I would love to see a rocker win it I don’t think America will agree. Bo has what it takes but Carrie is what America is looking for in an American Idol. Bo is what America wants to see in the next Rockstar.”    --Jennifer

CONSTANTINE”Constantine is just cannon fodder right now for teenybopper ratings. A little more milk on his chin so the cat can lick his whiskers off may help.”    --Anonymous

“Constantine is TOO sexy. He focuses so hard on it he can’t sing right.”    --Jack

NIKKO“Personally I think the next one that should leave Idol is Nikko.  He’s what I call a “cookie cutter” singer and has the same act every young man his age has...nothing new. AND he sings in the cracks, almost always off key.”    --Anne

“I think Nikko should be the next American Idol, he has awesome talent.”    --Mandi

“I was really suprised that Scott wasn’t in the bottom 3.  After his performance I actually felt sick to my stomach.  Given his stage presence, appearance and the tone of that song, I just shook my head and cringed.  Yes Paula I too closed my eyes but I had a different reaction!  I was hoping to hear his audition tape replayed.”  --Tina

“Scott should be voted off or kicked off—any man, especially a man of his size who strikes a woman, especially the mother of his child can not and should not be the American Idol.  I find it outrageous that the producers let him remain in the competition—what message is that sending to women, men, children—everyone?”    --Anonymous

FEMALE FINALISTS:CARRIE”I am rooting for Carrie or Bo to win. Carrie has a great voice, but she can pick the wrong songs sometimes.”  --Amy

“I know that Carrie Underwood [has] a good voice but I can not stand watching her because she [doesn’t]  have stage performance and not even moving [she] just stands up there with her microphone. She needs to learn how to move her body and feet just like Nadia Turner and Constantine and Bo Bice.”    --Anonymous

NADIA”As for Nadia I’m kind of indifferent. She’s ok  -- I think she thinks she is better than she is but confidence is a big part of success.”  --Jody

“Nadia is a great singer, she has a great voice and I think she will be in the top 4.”  --Debbie

VONZELL“Vonzell is closing the gap with Whitney-esque charm.”    --Leslie

“Vonzell has a great voice but she just doesn’t have that unique voice like Carrie,and if you’re not unique you’re boring.”    --Chasidy