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Readers respond: ‘Star Wars: Episode III’

Chris Bahn speculated on how it might be saved, and you responded
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In his article, Chris Bahn suggested everything from firing George Lucas and Hayden Christensen to resurrecting Ed Wood from the grave. Here's what you thought (note: some letters were edited for length):

“I would get Peter Jackson to direct ‘Episode III.’ He took the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, which is considered by many to be greatest literary work of the 20th century, and made it into three of the greatest movies ever made. He could easily save the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. Get rid of Lucas and get Jackson.”— Dusty Brookshire
Greer, South Carolina

“I'm all for clunking Lucas over the head and barring him the set, editing room, etc. I grew up loving the original trilogy and thought it couldn't get worse than ‘Phantom Menace,’ but ‘Attack of the Clones’ was so wretched...there was nothing to do but cringe or laugh throughout. It's a close #2 to ‘Battlefield Earth’ on my worst films ever list. However, I think you should cut Hayden and Natalie some slack. Like Ewan, both have proven they can act when given something to work with. I suspect Lucas must have added the phrase ‘more monotone’ to his direction, because it's the only explanation for how horrible those two have been. If I do see the third prequel, it will only be for comic relief.”— KC
Somerset, NJ

“The first two episodes were just a nightmare creating a classic dream sequence for Darth Vader. ”—CJ
Whyalla South Australia

“It represents the first three movies of a six-part sequel. The series would turn out ridiculous if the first three movies surpassed the last three in excitement and climax. They are SUPPOSED to be more low key. The personalities and aura in ‘Menace’ and ‘Clones’ differentiate from Episodes 4-6 because those two movies concern different characters, and the plot builds up to the last three episodes. I'm an English major by training, and I teach it to adults. It just represents regular storytelling to me. I don't understand Mr. Bahn's criticism.”—Reginald Harrison Williams
Denmark, South Carolina, USA

“I think you're right on the money. Get some new writers. But Lucas doesn't want to shell out the big bucks for that or even a better director. He's squeezed all the juice from this fruit of a story now only the ‘pits’ are left. He if he wants to save this story Lucas should be reinstating the Mechanical Darth Vader fight scene he's opted to take out of Episode 3 in order to save a few bucks. What's next a CGI dancing Yoda!? Yup!”—Perry Zambas
Vancouver, B.C.

“I would remind Lucas that what made ‘Stars Wars’ a great movie was the good vs. evil plot and characters that we cared about. The special effects were great, but they weren't what made the movie a classic.”—Bill Jamison
San Diego, CA

“Attempt to make a movie that you feel that only 5% of the general public will get and cater blindly to those hardcore fans. DON'T MAKE A MOVIE TO GET LAUGHS FROM 11 YEAR OLDS.”—mj bearin
Ilion, NY

“Call in Steven Spielberg. It would not be the first time Lucas asked his friend to assist him during troubled times. Lucas's obsessive love of special effects together with Spielberg's sensitivity and grandeur could make it work one last time.”—JP Winter
Boston, MA

“I don't know what George Lucas was thinking. The actors need to be older to match up to the ages of the characters in ‘Star Wars,’ for one. Drop the CGI crap. Go back to models and creative vision. The space ships and technology needs to be less advanced than the tech in ‘Star Wars.’ Have you noticed how the ships look more advanced in the Episode I and II? Dumb. Make the movie more adult and not try so hard to market to kids. Who, by the way, will never understand how cool the original trilogy was.”—Michael Starkiller
North Hollywood, CA

“Lucas should've done what he did with ‘Empire,’ ‘Jedi’ and all the Indy Jones movies, create the story, the idea, the fantasy and let talented directors like Spielberg, Kushner, and Marquand to interpret the plot. Lucas is caught up in his own world of fantasy he created by not letting himself look from the outside in like those other directors' did — and quite successfully, might I add. No doubt, in my opinion, the go-to guy in Hollywood to kick ass with this story would be M. Night Shamaylan, he'd put a hell of a spin on this fantasy. Yo George give M. Night the plot dude.”Knucklehead
Homestead, Florida

“I say, ‘Give Lucas a chance!’ I thought that the two prequels were darn good. If you look at the films closer, you see pieces that — while small parts of the overall plot of that specific film— are important to the overall arc of the entire six-part saga. And that is what I think many critics are missing; like ‘Lord of the Rings,’ this isn't six different two hour movies, but one massive tale of a man's fall from grace and the impact on the galaxy. Episode III, I believe, make viewers realize this.”—Andrew Sibulsky

“Barbecue Jar Jar Binks.”—kirby
Royal Oak

“Better acting from Haydon and Natalie...they are just God-awful. Less special effects, more story and dialogue. And, no more CGI Yoda and Stormtroopers — that was pathetic; it was like a videogame, rather than a movie.”—Darth Jace
Dayton, Ohio

“Heap a little more misery and pressure on the dweeb and out comes a malevolent Darth Vader who will kill everyone and anyone remotely responsible for his betrayal. This movie has got to be the pit of despair and a juggernaut of evil unleashed and unstoppable.”—Dan Nyberg
Bellevue, Nebraska

“I wonder who will save us from the ‘sullen petulance’ of its aging fanbase. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!”—Michael

“I would not try to make it a ‘film for everyone.’ Adding characters and plots for kids and other ‘target’ audiences always ruins a movie. ‘Star Wars’ is about a war, it shouldn't be bubbly and flowery (episode I and II). Try to use the characters to achieve a good film, not relying on overdone special effects at every turn in the film (they look good but detract from character development). They need to make the film feel like a war, in the first two films it feels like a minor dispute between a couple different beings. Maybe they should make it feel more like ‘Star Wars’?”anonymous
Galena, Ohio

“I would have the two droids C3PO and R2D2 as the main storytellers as they were in the first trilogy and not as the comic relief background characters that they have become.”—Elliot Thorne

“How about it be about the story of a young Han Solo and his partner, Chewbacca, and how they got the Millennium Falcon, have an outsiders perspective of the beginning of Darth Vader and his empire? I think it could be very Indiana Jonesy...”—Alex
Arlington, Virginia

“I wouldn't! I think it is fine, and it is a proven fact that it is the most profitable and recognizable movie franchise in movie history. George Lucas is laughing all the way to the bank. You know, he must have done something right! I think you are being overly critical, and I challenge you to make a trilogy that surpasses Star Wars' achievements in American pop culture.”—Chris

“I would build a time machine, go back in time to 1980 and somehow stop Lucas from making ‘Return of the Jedi’ which in my opinion was just as terrible as ‘Menace’ and ‘Clones.’ Once it became clear he could make LOTS of money the Star Wars world became less about good story and more about good money. ‘A New Hope’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ were the only two good movies of the 5 (soon 6). End of story. That's the only way it could all be saved.—Brian

“Bring in Frank Darabont or Larry Kasdan to fix the screenplay. Howard Kazanjian - executive producerFrank Marshall - producerSteven Speilberg - directorNo worries with these guys....”Jeff Reed

“To save Episode III I would — brace yourself — leave it alone! If George Lucas wants to make a special effects-laden, so-called ‘stinker’ full of what are often emotionally lacking performances, that millions of people will STILL go to see (except the so-called die-hard ‘Star Wars’ fans), then LET HIM. This is America, Jack, and Lucas is paying for the whole thing; so he can do whatever he wants with these films!”—Bird
San Diego, CA

“My only real beef with the new ‘Star Wars’ movies is Lucas' lack of writing talent. Somehow, he managed to pull off ‘A New Hope’ with more or less decent lines (at least nobody said "Yippee!"). Lucas was smart in hiring outside talent to do ‘Empire,’ which to this day remains the best of the saga for character development and plot. I agree that the last two Star Wars movies left a lot to be desired in regards to screenplay, though. The Star Wars movies have a great plot, in my opinion. Just not good screenwriting. If Lucas would just let someone else take over that job, I think these movies would be far better than they are.”—Brian Schade
Sierra Vista, AZ

“I'd hire Carrie Fisher as the script doctor — she'll know exactly what to do.”—Brian Hamilton
West Hollywood, CA