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Readers keep finding ‘Lost’ theories

Is island a virtual-reality experiment, or a dream?

The ABC drama "Lost" has captured viewers' imaginations like few other shows running today.

Back in January, when writer Kim Reed on the "Lost" plot twists, about what's happening on that mysterious island. With polar bears, hidden hatches, mysterious transmissions and other unexplained phenomena, this place is no "Gilligan's Island."

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Here are some of your latest theories on the island's secrets.

COMA BOY“Jack is in a coma and this is all playing out in his head.”    —Rhonda

DREAMS COME TRUE“It seems to me that the island is a place where dreams, hopes, and fears come true.  Whether it's quitting heroin and getting respectable, or being able to walk and becoming the leader when it comes to sustenance issues, or reading comic books with polar bears and suddenly having them materialize, the concept of thoughts becoming real seems to occur over and over again.”    —TO

PURGATORY“My wife thinks they are in purgatory. All of them have already died and they are facing the unpleasant realities of their lives. Locke is a guardian angel guiding them through the experience. The mysterious door is the doorway to heaven. New people might come and go. They are mere props for the souls in purgatory to interact with. Ethan might have been a demon sent to torment them. Someday another plane will crash on the island and start the cycle all over again. At some point in the program people will start to vanish; their soul cleansed they are then drawn to the door and eternity beckons."    —Michael

"Everyone is in their own private limbo, facing their worst fears and their own worst character flaws. If they succeed in overcoming them, they will get a second chance at life or heaven."  —Kay

ALIEN COLONY“Claire's baby is really conceived through an alien (not her dirtbag former boyfriend). The alien is creating a colony on the island and Ethan was one of his pawns who was used to bring Claire to the alien.  “    —Ellie

FINDING NEMO“Is the island the infamous "Mysterious Island" from the Jules Verne novel of the same name?  Then the steel hatch and the electrical cable could be part of Captain Nemo's submarine Nautilus.”    —Anonymous

THEY'RE DEAD/DREAM“All died in the plane crash or at least one of the characters is having a dream.  Most of the events are not totally plausible in real life but spun out of reality slightly.  Polar bear on tropical island.  Wheelchair-bound person suddenly is special-ops effective.  French woman able to render buffed man helpless and then releases him after claiming to have killed off her peers. On and on.”    —Gerry

VIRTUAL-REALITY EXPERIMENT“I think some or all of these folks are strapped down and hooked into a virtual reality experiment. It could be being conducted by a government or corporate entity. It could be a benign or sinister behavioral study. Some of the main characters may not even exist except in the V.R. program. … Worse, some of the characters on the island may be the people conducting the experiment, inserting themselves into the V.R., as a kind of control.”    —Richard

LEMURIA”The island is the lost "Lemuria," which was an island similar to Atlantis. The couple of skeletons that the castaways found [were] a French couple who in real life, searched for, but never found Lemuria.  They will all find redemption and move on to their next life.”    —Angela

MANIFESTING THOUGHTS”I still think the island is some sort of machine that manifests thoughts such as the old "Forbidden Planet" movie.  Visions of what the survivors are thinking suddenly appear, such as polar bears when Walt reads about them in a Spanish language comic book.  The problem is the island/machine doesn't differentiate between good and bad (the monsters of the subconcious Id) thoughts”    —Greg

”I think the island was used as a scientific research station and something or someone went wrong.”    —E

LUNCH“Hurley is slowly eating all the passengers, [he’s] the only one who seems to be getting bigger.”    —LJ