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Readers feel stronglyabout Rob and Amber

Some love controversial couple, others hate them
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Andy Dehnart's participating in "The Amazing Race" after taking home more than $1,000,000 on "Survivor: All-Stars" really stirred up some reader reaction.

Some feel that Rob and Amber have already won enough, and others aren't fond of the way they are competing on the show. Many point out that Rob and Amber have won multiple trips for coming in first place on certain rounds of "Amazing Race" while other teams have come in first on different rounds and won nothing. They point at that as evidence that CBS is biased towards Rob and Amber.

Yet many others enjoy watching the two compete, and say they play the game as fairly as any other couple. Some even say they would not have interest in "Amazing Race" this season if Rob and Amber were not competing.

Here are some of your comments:

MORE ORDINARY JOES“I have been a faithful and enthusiastic watcher of  The Amazing Race since the first season and HATE that Rob and Amber were included in this one. While I agree that Rob is smart (Amber seems to be window dressing) and has earned his lead in every case, their participation has taken something away from this reality show for me. My favorite teams have been the ordinary people (the clowns, the air traffic controllers, father/daughter etc.) that allow me to connect with them and their adventure. Romber has turned it into something that’s more about being a celebrity and less about being a regular Joe on a great trip. The Amazing Race 6 had far too many model/actress participants, this one has Rob and Amber, what’s next? Nick and Jessica against Brittney and Kevin?”  --Sharon

NOT WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION“It seems that while you don’t care for the tactics of Rob and Amber, if they hadn’t already had the opportunity to win $1 million you wouldn’t have a problem with them winning the Amazing Race 7.  Reality shows are cast with the hopes of increasing ratings, which Rob and Amber’s appearance on the Amazing Race 7 clearly does.  There are many more people who audition for reality shows than are actually cast for parts as contestants.  That means that not everyone who is interested in an opportunity to win $1 Million gets that chance.  Is that unfair or is that reality?  Furthermore, you seem bothered by the fairness of Rob and Amber’s multiple opportunities to win money and prizes on reality TV.  At present, there is no income requirement to appear on a reality show.  The opportunity to appear on reality shows is not based on need, reality shows are games, not charities.  If that were a casting consideration, many of the reality show contestants would not have had the opportunity to play.  How many lawyers have been cast on Survivor?  The fact that Rob and Amber have won money and prizes on reality shows should not be any different than contestants of means who have earned their money in other environments.  If, however, you think reality shows should merely be a televised method of wealth re-distribution, I suspect that you will have a difficult time pitching that idea to TV executives.”  --Michelle

GREAT TO WATCH“I love Rob and Amber!   Yes, maybe some people are right that they did not deserve to be on the show to begin with but it has been great to watch them.  I am not much of a reality show person so it has been fun to actually be able to get into one of these many reality TV shows.  Thanks for  the great entertainment.  I really do hope they win, even if they don’t need or deserve the money!”  --Charity

SHOULD BE PENALIZED“Rob’s terrible behavior has caused me to stop watching the show.  I am embarrassed by his actions and think that we should promote a more positive way to win a race!  You don’t always get ahead in this world by “being bad” and the Amazing Race should somehow penalize Rob for his actions to prove this point!”    --Tina

YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS“Everyone who is saying negative things are just jealous. I am sorry, but Rob and Amber make the show. They have every right to be there. Who cares if they won a million dollars before. Every couple who is on the show has the opportunity to win. It’s not Rob and Ambers fault if these people can’t handle the competition.”  --Marisela

TRIP RIP-OFF“Rob and Amber did not deserve to be in the Amazing Race.  As an everyday working American, I can’t help but feel a lot of resentment against someone who has already won a million, knocking out a couple that’s not.  I’ve also noticed that everytime they have come in first, they have been given an additional prize.  Another couple came in first and they were not given anything.”    --Kathryn

HEARTBREAKING AND FRUSTRATING“On the topic of Rob and Amber on the Amazing Race I have to say that I feel that they should have never been allowed to race in the first place.  They have enough already and it only goes to show how greedy they are that they would try for more money when they know that they have an obvious advantage.  I have never watched Survivor, nor do I ever intend to, but I watched Amazing Race because they were all regular people (though there seems to be an inordinate amount of models on the show) who are on teams and are racing each other.  I have never seen teams purposely sabotage each other (except the occasional yield) and be extremely cruel to each other and that is what I liked about the show.  It was fair and the team that was the quickest to do their tasks and get to the pit stop won.  I have since stopped watching as have all of my family members because of Rob.  He has made the game heart breaking and frustrating to watch.  Really, what kind of person doesn’t stop when you see people you know (or even people you don’t) next to an over turned truck in the middle of no where?  Not a very good one.”    --Kennedy

CANADIAN PRIDE“What would be funny is to watch Rob and Amber in the Amazing Race try to beat a couple of Canadians. People might recognize and want to help Rob and Amber, but that Maple Leaf is far more recognizable and far more endearing to the rest of the world. Maybe that is why CBS won’t allow Canadians to take part in their reality series?”    --Kathryn

THIS IS AMERICA“I think your article is mean spirited and unfair.  This is America!  We have the right to try anything we want.  Why can’t they do two shows?  More power to them.  Unless the producers are pulling a fast one, it certainly doesn’t look easy to stay in the race.  Winning is the name of the game and as long as each team doesn’t physically hurt another team, then they must do what they can to win.  Why should Rob and Amber be criticized for being smart and using what they can to their advantage.  Is it their fault no one else thought about bribing the bus driver?  Let them win if they are able to do so, and congratulate them! If they don’t win they still ran a good race!”    --Marie

RESPECTFUL AND COURTEOUS“Rob and Amber are courteous to each other, respectful of each other’s abilities and show genuine concern and feelings for each other, what a difference from the bickering and back stabbing remarks made by the other team members to their partners.  Go Rob and Amber.”    --Linda

TOO ARROGANT“I have to agree with you about three points in particular regarding Rob & Amber on “The Amazing Race”. One, they’ve had their shot at the reality TV bonanza.  Let somebody else race.  Two, their apparent fame from “Survivor” gives them an unfair advantage over the other teams.  Three, I feel that some of Rob’s actions have been unethical. For all these reasons, but mostly the third, I want them to lose.  Plus, they (but Rob especially) are far too arrogant for my liking.  And it’s that arrogance and lack of ethics that lead me to hope that someone will punch him in the head, even though I know it won’t happen.”    --Ian