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Raising Sextuplets Dad: Yes, I Threatened My Wife

The Raisings Sextuplets dad just copped to raising some serious Cain.
/ Source: E!online

The Raisings Sextuplets dad just copped to raising some serious Cain.

Bryan Masche pleaded guilty today in Arizona Municipal Court to a pair of charges stemming from his bust last month for threatening his wife and his father-in-law.

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E! News has learned that Mache copped to two misdemeanor counts of threatening and intimidating along with disorderly conduct.

Sentencing has been deferred for 12 months. In that time, Masche must avoid any law-breaking, successfully complete domestic violence counseling and take 10 hours of parenting classes.

The equation is simple. If he manages to behave himself, the charges will be dismissed. If not, Masche could land in jail.

"If he doesn't complete successfully we will go ahead and sentence him on both counts," says an official at Arizona's Camp Verde Municipal Court .

Masche, 32, got into this mess on Sept. 11, when cops received a call of a disturbance at his relatives' home in the community. Authorities say the reality dad was hauled in to jail after allegedly threatening his family, yelling and using obscenities.

Officers even threatened to tase his ass unless he calmed down, which he did, per the cops. He was initially charged with resisting arrest and threatening domestic violence against wife Jenny and her father, whose house they were staying at.

Because the acts committed were directed at his missus, domestic-violence status was attached to both charges.

The Maches filed for legal separation on Sept. 18.

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