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Racy Kanye West, Kim Kardashian video has TODAY team asking: 'Cheesy? Corny?'

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't letting having a baby or planning a wedding keep them out of the spotlight: The pair star in a new video for West's song "Bound 2," and as TODAY's Willie Geist noted Wednesday, it raises "a lot of questions about motorcycle safety." 

Among other things. In the video (which West premiered on "Ellen" Tuesday), the rapper and a largely-unclothed Kardashian are shown straddling a motorcycle and racing through clearly green-screened backdrops that feature desert vistas, horses running and other images that typically show up airbrushed to the side of tour buses.

The TODAY crew had a few thoughts to share about it, but Natalie Morales may be one of the video's biggest fans. "It was very racy," she admitted with some delight.

"Natalie's watched it about 10 times," noted Al Roker.

"Studying it like it was the Zapruder film. Relax, Natalie," Geist told her. "Back off a little bit."

Still, the video is compelling, with an unusual combination of stunning, soaring vistas ... and West and Kardashian clearly being filmed against a green-screened backdrop of those images. Morales wondered, "Cheesy? Corny?"

"I think intentionally so," noted Geist.

Decide for yourself and check it out: Largely clean version (from "Ellen") here, "racy" version here. (The discussion about the video in the TODAY clip starts at the 6:45 mark.)