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'Price Is Right' contestant wigs out, pulls off 'hair' as she makes it to stage

A "Price Is Right" contestant was so excited to make it to the stage that she tore off the wig she was wearing before giving host Drew Carey a hug and screaming "Oh my God I love you!"

Carey doubled over with laughter as the contestant, Aliaya, stood on stage and calmly returned her wig to her head. "That's a good looking wig," he said to her.

Aliaya told Carey she lives in Sacramento, Calif., and that she works in law enforcement. "Hilarious," he said. "Undercover, I imagine."

Carey could hardly stop laughing as he tried to throw over to announcer George Gray, adding that Aliaya "flipped her lid" to get up on stage.

Gray took the pun baton and ran with it. "You're gonna really wig out when I say this," Gray said while announcing that Aliaya would be playing for $10,000 in the Grand Game.

Carey continued to giggle and Gray didn't help matters by mentioning the "hair-raising items" which were part of the game. Aliaya even had to bet whether a bottle of shampoo would cost less than $8.50, and as she looked to the audience for help, she gave her wig a good massage.

Watch the video to see who gets the last laugh.