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'Price is Right' contestant gets caught in the bathroom during her big TV moment

When you gotta go, you gotta go.
/ Source: TODAY

Before this contestant on "The Price is Right" could come on down, she had to answer nature's call.

A contestant named Tara Armstrong picked the wrong time for a bathroom break on Tuesday when announcer George Gray called for her to "Come on down!"

The crowd craned their necks and the camera swung around the audience to see who the next lucky contestant would be, but Armstrong was nowhere to be found.

"Is she...? She's in the bathroom," Gray said.

As the crowd chanted her name, Armstrong finally came running to join the fun after her pit stop.

Contestant Tara Armstrong went from the bathroom right to the big stage on "The Price is Right."
Contestant Tara Armstrong went from the bathroom right to the big stage on "The Price is Right." @PriceIsRight/Twitter

"Nice to see you,'' host Drew Carey said. "Thought you'd never get here. So glad you could make it."

"Nice to meet you,'' Armstrong said. "Sorry! I had to go to the restroom, I'm so sorry."

"I'd shake your hand, but that's all right,'' Carey joked.

Armstrong hopefully washed up in the restroom because she promptly won a round of bidding to get up on stage and gave Carey a big hug.

She had a shot at a new Mazda and $10,000 in cash but came up short of the big prizes.

Armstrong isn't the only contestant to get caught at the wrong time on the long-running game show, which premiered in 1972.

A contestant named Patricia Bernard had the same issue years ago when the legendary Bob Barker was the host. She got called down but was not in the crowd, and cameras caught a man running to find her.

"This had to happen, did it not?" Barker said. "Patricia is in the little girls room! A man I assume is her husband is out to look for her, and everyone in America is asking how long can they wait for Patricia?!"