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Postmortem: Steve Carell's Last Episode of The Office--Let's Grieve Together!

Michael Scott was right. That did hurt like a "motherf--ker."
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Michael Scott was right. That did hurt like a "motherf--ker."

It was anything but easy to watch Steve Carell's final episode of The Office, mostly because you could absolutely feel the sadness from the actors as the episode rolled on. They didn't even have to pretend to be sad! "Goodbye, Michael" had plenty of laughs and of course, a fair amount of tear-enduing moments. Let's relive both the emotions, and then we can head to the comments and hold each other...

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LAUGHS: After Steve's last cold open ever, reality sinks in. But the dread was broken up by Gabe and Andy's bathroom fight. Then Jim asked a fair question to the crew: "You guys are filming people while they go to the bathroom now?" And because Gabe went into a crazy rage at the drop of a hat, I now think that he is the infamous Scranton Strangler.

TEARS: Michael throwing out of his World's Best Boss coffee mug. And we got a nice little wink to the original opening credit sequence when Michael straightened his trophy.

LAUGHS: Michael's gifts to his employees. Can anyone find that caricature of Kevin? I want it for my cube. But the best gift was actually to us, and it came in the form of Michael's reaction to giving Oscar his creepy scarecrow doll.

TEARS: After hearing the enthralling paper shredder conversation at lunch, Michael gets cold feet. Until, of course, he dialed up his lady. And all it took was a 30-second conversation to put Michael back on track to Boulder, Colo. We're mad at Holly for taking Michael from us, but how can you not love how adorable they are together? Even over the phone!

LAUGHS: Michael trying to say goodbye to the warehouse guys in style. "Catch you guys on the flippity flip!" A nod to my all-time favorite episode of The Office: "Basketball."

TEARS: Michael's recommendation letter to Dwight, who could no longer keep the icy shell around his heart after reading it. For me, I got misty-eyed after seeing Mike's joyful expression after crossing Dwight off his goodbye list following their paintball game.

LAUGHS: An appearance by Ping!

TEARS: Jim and Michael's five-second moment in the promo made me cry. So, I don't really want to talk about how the actual scene made me feel. Let's just move on.

PERFECTION: Michael asking to let him know if "this" ever airs. Taking off the mic pack. The final "that's what she said." Pam running in so she could say her last words that we will never hear. Our final look at Michael followed by a teary and happy Pam reporting that he was happy. All of that made for the best moment of the episode.

What did you think of Steve's final episode? Did you have more moments of laughs or tears? Start the episode over and we'll meet you in the comments for some therapy. We'll miss you, Michael Gary Scott!

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