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Eric Stonestreet explains how he tricked his fiancée to be camera-ready before proposing

The "Modern Family" star and Lindsay Schweitzer got engaged last August.
/ Source: TODAY

Eric Stonestreet may be an Emmy-winning actor, but he also knows a thing or two about writing a memorable scene.

The “Modern Family” star, who got engaged to Lindsay Schweitzer last year, said he had to pull a fast one on her when he popped the question.

“I wanted to record it somehow and document it because everybody that follows me on Instagram knows I really give her a hard time on Instagram, so I pretended like somebody was interested in us doing a social media campaign, so that she would do her hair and her makeup,” he said Monday on the 3rd hour of TODAY.

“So she got her hair and makeup done and then I told her that we were going to do a little video to send in for our chemistry, but what the real thing was was a proposal,” he added.

The couple have been engaged for months now, but Stonestreet, who hosts the new Fox series "Domino Masters," said they are taking their time and don’t have wedding plans set.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“Not yet. It took me 50 years to get to the question,” he said. “You know what? I tell Lindsay all the time, there’s no way I would’ve ever gotten to the place to commit my life to someone if it was with someone pressuring me into doing anything, so we are in the same place, the same pace of what we want to do.”

Stonestreet has also made a commitment to be in his fiancée's children's lives. The boys gave him their seal of approval to host "Domino Masters" after seeing a preview of the show.

"They were like in immediately," he said. "I was like OK, well let me hear what they have to say."

The 50-year-old began dating Schweitzer, a pediatric nurse, after meeting her at a charity event in his hometown of Kansas City in 2016, People reported.

Last year, some people left comments on Stonestreet's post about his engagement news noting how the actor looked so much older than his fiancée, so he replied with a light touch in another post on Instagram by doctoring photos of them so she looked older.

“Apparently a lot of people think I look too old, as a 49 year old man, to be engaged to my almost 42 year old fiancé,” he captioned the pictures. “Look, she can’t help that she looks so great at 42 and I can’t help that I apparently look like her grandad so, I fixed it for everyone.”