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Former ‘Baywatch’ star posts pic in response to people who say she’s ‘too old to wear a bikini’

 Donna D’Errico, 54, called out the critics who judged her recent bikini photos.
Donna D'Errico as Donna Marco in "Baywatch."
Donna D'Errico as Donna Marco in "Baywatch."SGranitz/WireImage

Donna D’Errico is standing her ground on her right to rock a bikini — and while posing on her coffee table, no less.

In an unapologetic post shared to her Instagram page this week, the 54-year-old “Baywatch” star wore a pink string bikini and spoke openly about ignoring the critics who say she is too old to do so.

“Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red, white & blue bikini because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate,’” she wrote, referring to a video she shared of herself on Instagram to celebrate Independence Day.

In the photo, the actor dances and sings along to “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood while wearing an American flag bikini.

“Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want,” the actor closed out her Sunday Instagram caption. “On that note, here is me in a bikini squatting on a coffee table.”

For two years in the late '90s, the model and actor had a starring role alongside actors David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson in the drama series “Baywatch.” D’Errico took on the role of Donna Marco and donned the series’ now-iconic red bathing suit.

It didn’t take long for fans, friends, and supporters of D’Errico to cheer her on in the comments section of her post.

“Gorgeous and F anyone who tries to tear you down. You look incredible, period,” Tracey Bregman of “Young & The Restless” commented on the post.

“Be you. You are an amazing person no matter what Annie and I just adore you,” David Toborowsky, who starred in “90 Day Fiancé,” remarked.

“Your haters could learn many things from you,” another fan of the post wrote. “You’re wise and a great friend. I appreciate you.”

“Don't let any haters drag you down. They are just jealous because they can’t wear a bikini as perfectly as you do. You are an immortal goddess,” another advocate for the actor’s bikini post replied. “That’s just a fact. I’m 40, and I’ve loved you since I was 14. And you have not changed one bit!”