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'Plus 8' ask Kate when she'll get married again

It’s been two years since former husband and wife and reality TV co-stars Jon and Kate Gosselin went their separate ways. Now according to Kate, the eight kids they share are ready to see their mom move on with a new man.

During a Monday morning visit to TODAY, the mother of multiples explained the “Plus 8s” take on her matrimonial future.

“The kids have talked about it, have brought it up, saying, ‘Are you going to get married anytime soon?’” Kate recalled. “I said, ‘You usually have to be dating somebody before you get married.’ Leah said the other night at dinner — ‘You know, it’s kind of getting boring around here with just you.’ So, I mean, I took that as permission, and that the other kids agreed. It’s good to see them moving that way.”

Still, the TLC star realizes that no matter how prepared her brood may be to have another man around the house, deep down they’ll always hold out hope for a reunion between mom and dad.

“People tell me that for the rest of your life you hope your parents get back together,” she said. “Since that is definitely not the case here, I can give them that permission to hope and wish, just be there for them and be supportive and talk about anything they want to talk about. I think through this experience my kids and I have grown so, so much closer. And overall, I’m very happy.”

Kate's certain that there's no future for her with Jon, but she admits she likes what she sees from him in the present — at least where the kids are concerned.

“In a positive change, he’s definitely in a situation where he’s doing better for the kids, trying to provide a more stable place for them to visit,” Kate pointed out. “I mean, I’ll give him credit there. The kids come home happy generally and if they’re happy, I’m happy.”

The Gosselin family returns to TLC Monday night with new installment of “Kate Plus 8.” Will you watch? Tell us on our Facebook page.

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