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Perk for 'Biggest Loser' winner Jeremy Britt? Beating Conda

"Biggest Loser" viewers had a variety of opinions about who should win the weight-loss competition before Tuesday night's big finale, but they were almost unanimous about who shouldn't win. As many of them told us time and time again, they just didn't want to see polarizing player Conda Britt take the top honor. As it turns out, eventual winner Jeremy Britt, aka Conda's little brother, felt the same way -- sort of.

During a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY, the lead "Loser" shared his perspective on besting Conda, which had more to do with old-fashioned sibling rivalry than any issues with gameplay.

"There's no one that I wanted to beat more than my sister, to be honest," Jeremy said with a smile.

But he didn't say it in a very strong voice: After Tuesday night's victory screams, Jeremy had little of that left. Still, with 199 pounds behind him, he managed to express his excitement about his new life and the reason he decided to put his old life behind him.

"I just realized that there were things my weight was holding me back from in life, and I didn't want to be held back from the things I wanted to do," he recalled from his pre-"Loser" days. "Of course, you want to hang out at the beach. Of course, you want to be an active person."

Which is why the 23-year-old is now "very thankful" for the show that he almost turned his back on weeks ago and looks forward to what lies ahead.

"For me, the rest of my life is just gonna be great from here on out," he predicted.

What do you think about Jeremy's win? Are you glad he beat his big sister? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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