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Paris Hilton’s sisterly loveonly goes so far

Nicky who? That’s what Paris Hilton worries some shoppers might think if her less famous sister’s name joins hers on a line of products and a chain of retail stores, claims a source.
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Nicky who?

That’s what Paris Hilton worries some shoppers might think if her less famous sister’s name joins hers on a line of products and a chain of retail stores, claims a source.

As The Scoop , the Hiltons are looking to open a chain of shops, selling Hilton clothes and accessories. Last week, Maui General Store announced that it had entered into an agreement with Retail Holdings to open a line of upscale retail stores featuring Paris and Nicky Hilton.

But, according to the source, Paris thinks the products will sell better if only her name is on them.

“It’s not a matter of pettiness or sibling rivalry,” defends the source. “It’s being a smart businesswoman. Her attitude is, basically, it’s me the public is interested in. She feels the products should be called Heiress Paris.”

Hilton’s rep didn’t return calls for comment.

Fan melted for Ice

Entertainer Robert Van Winkle, formerly known as Vanilla Ice, carries his pet wallaroo Bucky from Port St. Lucie, Fla., Animal Control into a trailer for transport back home to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Friday, Nov. 19, 2004. Bucky and a goat named Pancho escaped from his wife's grandmother's home after his children forgot to latch a gate. (AP Photo/Stuart News, Matthew Ratajczak)Matthew Ratajczak / THE STUART NEWS

Vanilla Ice, the white rapper of yesteryear, spent thousands of dollars on therapy to get over an obsessed fan.

“Girls were always showing me their [bleeps], but there was this one girl, the same girl, in the front row, the same spot, all the time,” Vanilla Ice tells the February issue of Razor magazine. “One time, in Japan, we got to our hotel and there was a knock at my door, middle of the night, someone’s left me a satanic bible. I was freaking out. She then came up the fire escape, dropped to her knees, and was basically possessed by the Devil. In this full Exorcist voice, she kept saying, ‘He is my destiny, I must have him!’ Turns out she was from the Satanic Church of Ireland.  Her parents had given her all this money to track me down, follow me and get me to preach the word of Satan in all my shows and bring all of these converts to their cause. I had nightmares about that for years.”

He said the experience cost him thousands of dollars in shrink fees.

Vanilla Ice also admits he may be a has-been, but finds solace in the timelessness of one of his tunes. “As for music and my place in it, maybe things are changing a little bit,” he says. “I know this: a good song is deeper than a tattoo. It’ll remind you of the car you’re driving and the girl you’re going around with and the streets you’re cruising. It’s better than a photo album. A song is a tattoo that you never lose. ‘Ice, Ice Baby,’ man, you’ll remember that when you’re 90.”

Notes from all over

The Fresh Air Fund: An Evening In Oz Benefit
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 18: Singer Mariah Carey attends the Fresh Air Fund: An Evening In Oz Benefit at Chelsea Piers November 18, 2004 in New York City (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Mariah CareyPaul Hawthorne / Getty Images North America

Mariah Carey sometimes doesn’t talk for days because she wants to give her vocal cords a rest.  . . . Karl Lagerfeld says about Nicole Kidman’s looks were “maliciously twisted and mistranslated” by the British tabloids.  . . .  Keira Knightley says that being photographed by paparazzi is like a scene from the Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” “It was like at first there were three, there were eight,” Knightly told “Then there were 10, then there were just millions of them, and it was like ‘Oh my God!’”

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