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One 'Loser' gets no love from home

Dave Bjerke / NBC / Today
Ada Wong may not have gotten any love from her family, but her fellow contestants were there for her.

For the first time in the several weeks, the black-shirts-and-then-some alliance didn’t dominate the action on "The Biggest Loser."

Of course, that’s not to say Brendan and Frado weren’t pulling puppet strings in the background. It’s just that whatever the guys were up to, it paled compared to the drama du jour that made the cut.

It all began with a bit of good news for the contestants. They would each get to view a video message from home. No twists. No tricks. No competitions. Just good vibes for everyone — except Ada.

Cue the hankies.

While the rest of the house wept as they watched the typical montage of “we love yous” and “we’re so prouds” from back home, Ada learned there would be no such clip show for her. Trainer Bob Harper broke the news that Ada’s family ignored phone calls and requests for videos and chose not to show their daughter some long-distance love.

Ada looked broken but not surprised.

Why would she be? When the cast shared their pre-ranch sob stories at the beginning of the season, Ada had one of the most painful ones. As a young child, she was with her baby brother when he drowned in a kiddie pool. Another brother later died of sudden infant death syndrome. When she was in a car accident with yet another brother later, her father slapped her and asked, “What are trying to do, kill another one?”

So, yeah, not exactly the most sensitive folks there.

Still, a remarkably well-adjusted Ada had a chance to shed some happy tears later when her competitors showed her the feel-good video they made for her. They told her how much they loved her, considered her family and would always be there for her. Well, at least until they vote her out.

Luckily for Ada, that didn’t happen this week. Instead another thoroughly likable lady went home after the latest weigh-in — Ada’s former game partner, Jessica.

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