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Not Again! Copycat Vandal Stages Second Break-In at Letterman's Late Show

Funny, it's usually the performer that takes the encore.
/ Source: E!online

Funny, it's usually the performer that takes the encore.

But just four days after an inebriated troublemaker broke into (and trashed) the historic Ed Sullivan Theater where David Letterman's Late Show is housed, a copycat vandal again struck the studio space.

What's the story this time?

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E! News confirms that 42-year-old Alvin Moore attempted to bust into the locked theater, but luckily fell short of actually succeeding. The New York Police Department said that the man never gained access, but instead was caught banging on the theater door.

And how's this for a stupid human trick: the wannabe vandal reportedly hit the door so hard, he did more damage to himself that the studio and had to be taken to St. Luke's Hospital to treat his bloody head.

All told, Moore caused over $500 in property damage--to say nothing of the potential brain damage...though, let's be honest, there may have been some loss there even before he attempted to toss a box of newspapers through the theater's doors.

Moore was charged with criminal mischief, menacing and burglary for use of a dangerous instrument.

The latest theater attack follows vandal No. 1, 22-year-old James Whittemore, who had shattered the brass and glass doors at the entrance to the theater, then managed to get inside, where he overturned garbage cans and tossed velvet rope stands.

He was caught on surveillance camera and charged with one count of burglary, seven counts of felony criminal mischief and one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief and caused an estimated $2,000 worth of damage.

Oh, and one hilarious Top 10 list. He can take credit for causing that, too.

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