Niall Horan takes the stage! See his concert on the TODAY plaza

/ Source: TODAY

It was a drizzly morning on the TODAY plaza but that didn't stop Niall Horan from rocking the Citi Concert stage.

He kicked off the concert saying, "Look where we are, the center of the universe," before performing his new single "Slow Hands" to thunderous applause from his fans.

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The singer was amazed by the hordes of fans who waited all night in the rain to see him perform. Before taking the stage, he tweeted, "Wow hahaha! The lines around all the blocks nearby, insane! Thank you all. I understand you must be freezing and soaked through."

While that may be the case, it certainly wasn't going to put a damper on the enthusiasm from the massive crowd.

Fans who had lined up Sunday night were in great spirits, even having a jam session to some of Niall's hits late in the evening!

After camping out on the street overnight, the energy in the crowd was electric when Horan finally stepped out on the plaza.

In a touching moment, he dedicated his performance of "This Town" to the victims of the bombing in Manchester saying, "Before I start, I would like to dedicate it to the people who lost their lives in Manchester last week. It was a very sad thing, so I just, it's the least I can do is dedicate this song."

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The singer wrapped the concert singing his new song "On the Loose."

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His hit singles have left fans craving a full-length album, and even though the star has a super busy summer coming up, he did tease that some new music might be in the works later in the fall.

Until then we'll just be here waiting with "This Town" on repeat!