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The newest version of #The Dress: What color are these flip flops?

Much like #TheDress that had the internet taking sides in a debate of its color, these flip flops have people divided. What colors do you see?
/ Source: TODAY

In the internet's ongoing quest to determine the exact color of everything, a set of footwear has become the newest version of #TheDress that divided a nation last year.

What color are these flip flops?

Are they black and blue? Blue and brown? White and gold? Blue and gold?

Twitter user Arthur Luppi posted a picture of the flip flops made by Havaianas with the question, "What color do you see?" in Portuguese to set off the latest debate.

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"To be honest, I saw the both variations,'' Luppi told TODAY. "Once, I saw white and gold, now I'm seeing blue and gold, so I don't know for sure. I just took the picture to show my mom if that was the flip flops she wanted."

Much like #TheDress in February 2015, the shoes appear to be in a similar color scheme that has people divided over what they see. Either that, or the lighting is just throwing everybody off.

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"It’s a perception issue. It's the way the brain processes information that comes in,” eye surgeon Paul Dougherty told TODAY about "The Dress" last year. “Everyone's brain is different, so even though it's the same stimulus coming in, which it is, everyone processes the information differently."

For those who won't be able to sleep until they know the answer, a spokesperson for Havaianas told Buzzfeed that the colors are blue and dark blue.

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