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Naomi Watts does a royal turn in new 'Diana' trailer

The latest trailer for the "Diana" film starring Naomi Watts as the late Princess of Wales gives viewers a much broader sense of what the movie will focus on: Diana's post-Charles love affair with surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan.

In the new clip, Watts speaks and is shown interacting with Khan (played by "Lost's" Naveen Andrews) as the two try to pursue a relationship amid intense media scrutiny. (After her breakup with Khan, in real life Diana moved on to a romance with Dodi Fayed, with whom she died in a 1997 car crash.)

Back in June when the first "Diana" trailer appeared, it left lingering questions: Namely, did Naomi Watts look anything like Diana Spencer, and if not, would that issue ruin it for filmgoers? In a TODAY.com survey taken at the time, 39 percent of respondents said she did not resemble the princess, which would make it hard to watch the film. But 58 percent said either she was perfect or they didn't care whether the Oscar nominee resembled Diana or not.

"Diana" is due out on Sept. 20 in the UK, and the trailer suggests the U.S. release will be Oct. 10.

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