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Eminem pranks fans about new album on April Fools' Day

The "Lose Yourself" rapper had a little fun at fans' expense when he teased the April 1 release of his "highly anticipated next studio album."
/ Source: TODAY

Well, that is pretty shady.

Eminem pulled a prank on fans when he announced the release of a long-awaited new studio album — allegedly his first album in four years — on April Fools' Day.

The "Real Slim Shady" rapper, 51, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, shared the phony music update in a teaser video April 1 on Instagram.

The video kicks off with a snippet of Eminem's 2009 hit "Crack a Bottle." It then shows a flurry of images of fans' pleas on social media begging the hip-hop legend for new music.

Eminem's last studio album was 2020's "Music to Be Murdered By." But it turns out the music on his "new" album dates back even further — to his overlooked 1996 debut album "Infinite."

The rapper's goofy announcement video features cheesy explosion graphics and the image of him wearing a space suit. It also includes an over-the-top voiceover courtesy of an unknown actor who's clearly influenced by the narration on action movie trailers.

"The highly anticipated next studio album goes back to where it all started .... 'Infinite,'" the voiceover actor says as the image of the debut album's cover, which showcases Eminem's name and the word "Infinite," surfaces onscreen.

"But now it's even more ... 'Infinite,'" the actor continues as a hasty handwritten "x2" appears above the album's title.

"Out today!" the actor adds.

While some of Eminem's fans knew right away they were being pranked, others fell for his "cruel" joke.

"There’s no way we just got April fooled by Em," one wrote in the comments.

"Good one," added another along with laughing emoji.

"Slim you are so goofy," someone else wrote.

Some fans admitted they went in search of "Infinite X2" after seeing its fake trailer.

"I checked Apple Music with excitement just to come back and say you’re cruel for this," one fan told the rapper, adding laughing emoji.

"i actually got fooled, bro this is so mean!!" wrote another.

Though "Infinite X2" doesn't really exist, it seems Eminem is hard at work on new music, according to frequent collaborator Dr. Dre.

During a visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last month, the famed producer revealed that the "Lose Yourself" rapper was at work on a new album.

“Let me tell you something, let me explain something to you right now. Eminem is working on his own album, which is coming out this year,” Dre said as Kimmel's audience cheered.

“And I actually talked to him and he said it OK for me to make that announcement right here on this show," he added. "So he has an album coming out. I’ve got songs on it and it’s fire."