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Tyler Perry's new movie 'Mea Culpa' is breaking the internet. Here's what viewers are saying

Between the plot and Kelly Rowland's sex scene with Trevante Rhodes, there's a lot to talk about in "Mea Culpa."

Warning: This contains spoilers for the ending of Netflix's “Mea Culpa.”

Fans can't seem to get enough of Tyler Perry's new erotic thriller "Mea Culpa"

Just hours after the movie was released on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 23, viewers took to X to share their thoughts about the film, which stars Kelly Rowland as Mea, a no-nonsense criminal attorney, and Trevante Rhodes as her steamy love interest, Zyair.

One particular scene that fans couldn't seem to get off their minds was the sex scene between Zyair and Mea.

On X, a fan shared a clip of the moment and wrote, "Kelly Rowland?????😳😳😳😳."

Another said, "The Trevante Rhodes/Kelly Rowland sex scene was insane."

A third joked, "Him & Kelly Rowland sex scene is crazyyyyyy .. b---h I damn near jumped through the tv."

However, some viewers weren't a fan of the steamy moment, saying that director Tyler Perry should have never shown Rowland in that light.

"Only Tyler Perry would make a highly coveted classy woman like Kelly Rowland be involved in a raunchy disturbing cringe sex scene with paint on a hardwood floor," one person wrote.

Another X user said, "I’m really bothered that THEE Kelly Rowland is doing low grade sex scenes for Tyler Perry. I just feel really disrespected by that s---."

Kelly Rowland as Mea and Trevante Rhodes as Zyair in "Mea Culpa."
Kelly Rowland as Mea and Trevante Rhodes as Zyair in "Mea Culpa."Bob Mahoney / Netflix

To that point, quite a few social media users said they probably wouldn't watch the flick again.

"The only way I’ve been able to sit through this movie is to look at it as a comedy, because this can’t be serious I know Tyler has done a lot for people but why does he continue to write and direct," someone shared.

"#MeaCulpa is a 1/10 movie and the only thing that made it 1 is Kelly Rowland," another wrote.

A third backed Rowland's acting in "Mea Culpa" and said, "The overall writing of the movie wasn’t great but one thing’s for sure is that Kelly Rowland acted her a-- off with the script they gave her. There were moments where I forgot she was ‘Kelly’ and for that, she deserves her 10s."

Some online commenters explained why they didn't like the movie, which centered on Mea taking on Zyair's case after he was accused of killing his girlfriend.

It's only at the end of the film that you realize Zyair was set up by Mea's brother-in-law, Ray (Nick Sagar), and learn that Zyair's supposedly dead girlfriend is still alive.

When Mea confronts her in laws about their scheme, she ends up fighting for her life after Ray and his mother try to kill her.

"I was not prepared for the last 20 minutes and thought I was watching a completely different movie," one person wrote in regards to the surprise ending.

Another said that Perry didn't do a great job at explaining how Zyair was set up.

"So we just not gonna explain how they managed to get Hydie’s blood, DNA, and skull fractures into Zyair’s apartment? Or how they managed to get Hydie to go along with this nonsense?" they wrote. "God damn Tyler wtf is this??"

Though the film earned a rating of 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many viewers offering a slew of critiques on the film, a few did take to social media to give Perry his flowers, saying they enjoyed the film from beginning to end.

"#MeaCulpa is a definite must watch Kelly Rowland really killed this part.her acting is 10/10 and her wardrobe,hair,make up was top tier.but I felt like it ended quickly," a fan commented on X.

Another said, "Y’all roasting mea culpa is making me sad rn because i loved the movie."

After "Mea Culpa" became a trending topic on X, Rowland took to her official X account to thank her fans who enjoyed the film.

"MY HEART!!! THANK YOU ALL for making #MeaCulpa the top trending topic!" she said.