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The miniature killer returns on ‘CSI’

While Grissom was off testifying at Natalie's hearing, Riley and Greg solved a woman's murder that was linked to a 12-year-old case, and Hodges and Nick recalled the joys of mailbox baseball.
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One last miniature: After finding out that the miniature killer, Natalie Davis, was going to have a hearing to determine whether she was mentally healthy enough to leave the hospital for prison, Grissom headed up to see her. Natalie told him, “Psychopathic personalities are often skilled at mimicking human emotions... but I am truly sorry.” After Grissom testified, the judge ruled that she be transferred to prison.

“I have changed,” she told Grissom when he came to say goodbye. “And I really do believe that people who do bad things need to be punished.” After she left, Grissom found a carved-out bar of soap and saw a crack in one of the floor tiles. When he lifted it, he saw one last miniature: Natalie hanging herself.

How about Grissom’s mental state? When Natalie’s lawyer asked why Grissom had come, he said, “I’ve been trying to believe that people can change. Even people who are damaged. But I don’t know if they can. I just don’t know.” Grissom seemed to be contemplating whether he can change. Yet more steps toward his inevitable exit.

Revenge ain’t so sweet: Thursday's first victim, Janelle Rowe, was found shot in her home; her daughter Nora was lying beside her with a head wound. All signs pointed to Janelle's husband, Peter, who wasn’t even who he said he was. His name was actually Mark, and he’d been accused of killing a private investigator 12 years earlier. Because the body was never recovered, he was not convicted. The PI’s kids, however, hadn’t forgotten. Using her dad’s PI skills, Natalie tracked down Peter, but Janelle became her victim by mistake. Natalie wasn’t done. At gunpoint, she made Peter take her to the place where he’d buried her father. Brass tried to get her to drop the gun, but after Peter confessed, she shot him and herself.

Foul ball: The second victims were two boys who had been joyriding and crashed into a tree. But one of the boy’s injuries didn’t all fit with the car crash. Nick quickly realized that they’d been playing mailbox baseball and whatever the boy had hit with the bat had caused his arm to break and his shoulder to dislocate, and in turn caused the accident. It turned out that Hal Jackman, sick of the boys destroying his mailboxes, had filled one with concrete. “You really taught those boys a lesson,” Nick said shaking his head.

Boys will be boys: Nick and Hodges had an impromptu bonding session over mailbox baseball, even using the lab’s garage to test out their theories, while Catherine looked on, puzzled. “And I wonder why I’m still single,” she said. Hodges also shared a story about putting a chemical compound inside his best friend’s desk drawer so that when he opened it, a pink cloud would come out. Catherine didn’t find it funny, but Nick gleefully asked, “Did it go in his mouth?”

More bonding: It turns out Riley and Doc Robbins play Wordscraper, the Scrabulous replacement, on their Facebook pages. Sounds like Robbins is winning.