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'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger: 'We don't have gold diggers!'

Loyal viewers of "Millionaire Matchmaker" may have been wondering where the Bravo series went. After all, there wasn't a single new episode of matchmaker Patti Stanger crying, "Meet my millionaires!" on Bravo in all of 2012. Well, fans, wait no more: Stanger and crew are back for another season of the series, with a whole new crowd of eager singles dying to find The One.

But, as Stanger told TODAY's Willie Geist Thursday morning, this is not about finding mates who are only interested in millionaires' bank balances. "We don't have gold diggers," she insisted. "We screen for them in our club. Women must give back to men as men give to women. But they can't always give financially, because they're not rich. So they bake cookies. ... They do other things to show appreciation."

In season six, expect a few changes; for one thing, the older generation is getting more of an assist from Stanger's "club." One older client? Denise Richards' dad Irv, who Stanger said "(W)as probably my dream client."

And Stanger herself has taken a dip in the dating pool, though it was online site Plenty of Fish, not a matchmaker, that connected her with her new boyfriend David. But he had no idea that she was any kind of celebrity -- or what she did for a living -- she reports, until their third date. "His 14-year-old teenage daughter told him," she grinned. "Then he knew, and he didn't really care."

Check out what else Stanger had to say -- and what advice she had for viewers about dating -- in the clip!

"Millionaire Matchmaker's" season premiere airs on Thursday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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