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'Millionaire Matchmaker' gives guy the boot after embryo incident

"Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger brought an eligible bachelor’s love quest to an end Tuesday night after he served up one very unromantic embryo.

Stock broker David, or “Creepy McCreepy” as Stanger calls him, set up a smooth night out with “his total Reese Witherspoon type” but the fun fell apart when he decided to wine and dine his chosen date with balut, a boiled duck embryo served in its own shell — an acquired taste to say the least.

Once David’s date reported back to Stanger, the matchmaker raged about the “creepy embryo bull----.” Any hope Dave had for a second chance disappeared when he blamed Stanger for setting him up with the wrong woman.

“Ah, you know what? Get the f--- out of here!" Stanger shouted. "Even if I was not in the picture, you can’t (get a girl) yourself or you would be married now, with kids living in the suburbs. You’re not that guy. What is wrong with you? ... You got creepy with her.”