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Matthew Morrison Disses American Psycho Novelist: "Who's That?"

Matthew Morrison doesn't worry too much about people hating on Glee.
/ Source: E!online

Matthew Morrison doesn't worry too much about people hating on Glee.

Even if one of those haters happens to be a best-selling novelist...

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Just last week, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis took to his Twitter to compare watching Glee to walking in a "puddle of HIV."

So I asked the actor what he thought of Ellis.

"Who's that?" Morrison said Friday night at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation "Taste for a Cure" gala.

"You know what?" Morrison continued. "That means the show is good if people have not nice things to say--and amazing things to say. It keeps people talking, you know? That's going to be a part of the show."

In much happier news, here's hoping Morrison gets his way with booking a potential guest star.

"I want Adele on the show," he said. "I'm obsessed with her. She's awesome. She's incredible. Have you heard her stuff? Enough said."

We couldn't agree more. And if you don't believe us, pick up her new album, 21. You'll become obsessed, too.

Turns out Morrison's good pal, Gwyneth Paltrow, performs the Brit songbird's "Turning Tables" on Glee when she returns as teacher Holly Holiday on this week's episode.

Morrison also said they're currently in the middle of shooting the big prom episode. All are keeping tight-lipped on storyline details, but Mike O'Malley (AKA, Kurt's dad) told us at the GLAAD Media Awards that Kurt is going to the prom.

Who's his date?

"What?" O'Malley said, laughing. "Do you want to get me fired?"

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