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Matt Damon’s dessert up for auction

The ultimate gift for the Matt Damon fan is now available: a crème puff partially eaten by the Hollywood hottie — as well as a fork that was actually in his mouth.
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The ultimate gift for the Matt Damon fan is now available: a crème puff partially eaten by the Hollywood hottie — as well as a fork that was actually in his mouth.

“His DNA is on it (too bad we can’t clone yet!)” the seller boasts in the posting on the Belgium version of eBay. “This is a rare opportunity Matt had the fork in his mouth!!!! Never been washed.”

The seller apparently worked on “The Good Shepherd,” a film set to be released next year starring Damon and Angelina Jolie, and he or she promises to send a pay stub to help establish the provenance of the crème puff. The opening bid is $200, and the item is just the latest in a spate of celeb-chomped items to be offered to the public; Britney Spears’s used chewing gum was recently hawked on line.

“This is 100% real and is the prop eaten on screen,” promises the seller. “GREAT COLLECTORS ITEM, whether you keep the crème puff or not, you have the ORIGINAL PROP from the movie which is sure to be an OSCAR nominated film….”

Sharpton has soft spot for petsWhen he wasn’t complaining about the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, the Reverend Al Sharpton found time to help save some of the area’s four-legged victims.

“A lot of people had set up makeshift animal shelters in their back yards, but until yesterday, the federal authorities were not interacting with anyone and we were in dire need of information,” Dan Mathews of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told The Scoop. “The Reverend Al was acting as our eyes and ears. He was calling us and letting us know what was going on — but it wasn’t just animals, it was also people who were refusing to leave without their animals. Hundreds of animals and people were saved because of him. . . . The government stunk, but our citizens shined.”

Notes from all overJane Fonda appears on the cover of the UK edition of Good Housekeeping — the oldest cover girl in the history of the mag — and refused to have her wrinkles airbrushed out. “The pressures to look good are enormous,” the 67-year-old told the mag. “You go shopping in Beverly Hills and everyone looks alike. People change any irregularity; there’s no personality in the faces any more... But I don’t want my wrinkles to be taken away; I don’t want to look like everyone else.” Fonda has admitted to undergoing some cosmetic surgery, including breast implants and having the fat around her eyes removed.  . . . “Clerks” director Kevin Smith is auctioning off a walk-on role in “Clerks 2” “that’s guaranteed not to hit the cutting room floor.” The proceeds will benefit Hurricane Katrina survivors.  . . . Kimberly Stewart found a happy home for her old breast implants. The 25-year-old daughter of rocker Rod Stewart had fake boobs put in when she was 18, but later had them removed. “I’m older now and more comfortable with my body. I actually prefer being flat-chested. It’s just so much easier,” Stewart tells the October issue of Stuff magazine. “Jack Osbourne wanted them, so I framed them and he put them on his bathroom wall.”

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