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Mason and Reign Disick re-create classic 'Charlie bit my finger' YouTube video

Kourtney Kardashian's sons, 6-year-old Mason Disick and his 1-year-old brother, Reign Disick, hammed it up for the camera recently by re-creating an iconic YouTube video.

In an adorable clip the boys' aunt Khloe Kardashian shared to Instagram, Mason lets little Reign nibble on his finger and then cries out in a spot-on British accent, "Oww! Charlie bit my finger!"

I miss my boys 💙💙💙 How cute are they?!?

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Of course, the Disick boys, whose dad is Kourtney's estranged beau Scott Disick, are putting their own twist on YouTube's most-viewed non-music video of all time, "Charlie bit my finger —again!" (Listen closely and you'll hear aunt Khloe egging the boys on in her own faux British accent.)

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Kourtney Kardashianand partner Scott Disick

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In the original video, posted way back in 2007, Harry and Charlie, two young brothers from England, engage in similar high jinks — until, that is, little Charlie chomps a bit too hard on big brother Harry's finger — and then giggles devilishly when Harry cries out in serious pain. Ouch!

Today the original video has more than 841 million views.

Think the Disick boys can beat Charlie and Harry's record?