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'The Masked Dancer' reveals its 1st winner — an Olympic gold medalist!

And the winner is ...
The Masked Dancer
"The Masked Dancer" aired its first finale and crowned a winner on Wednesday night.Fox
/ Source: TODAY

After a fun-filled inaugural season, "The Masked Dancer" has crowned its first winner!

On Wednesday night, the show aired its finale and unmasked the three contestants who successfully hid their identities throughout the dance competition.

The finale featured three finalists — Sloth, Tulip and Cotton Candy — and the competition was pretty fierce. When all was said and done, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas was unmasked as Cotton Candy and took home the show's diamond mask trophy.

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The Masked Dancer
Gabby Douglas and host Craig Robinson on finale night.Fox

Winning is obviously in the gymnast's blood, but her victory is even more impressive considering that she beat two trained dancers. “Dancing with the Stars” pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, aka the Sloth, took home second place and third place went to the Tulip or "Dance Moms" star Mackenzie Ziegler.

"The Masked Dancer" is a spinoff of Fox's highly popular show "The Masked Singer" and debuted in December 2020. The show featured 10 celebrity contestants who wore costumes as they danced to elaborate choreography.

During the competition, Douglas showed off her flexibility and poise as Cotton Candy and even took a pretty hard fall during one of her rehearsals. The 25-year-old recalled the experience during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and said she fell 8-10 feet while doing an aerial exercise.

"That was my first time ever doing aerial work, which was super fun. My left shoulder got too much outside of the ring and that's why I fell. But honestly, I was so fortunate and grateful to have Cotton Candy's whole getup on because she softened the fall," she explained.

The Masked Dancer
Cotton Candy sure had some great moves.Fox

After the gymnast fell, producers were concerned that she wasn't talking to them, but it wasn't because she was unable to speak. Douglas explained that she was focused on making sure she didn't break any teeth during the fall.

"I love my teeth. And so I was checking each and every tooth to see if it was still there," she said. "And everyone's like 'Cotton Candy, speak to us. Are you in pain?' And I'm just on the floor for at least two minutes."

Luckily, Douglas wasn't missing any teeth and after a few minutes she got right back up to rehearse some more.

When asked if her gymnastics background gave her an edge in the dancing competition, the three-time gold medalist had an interesting perspective on the matter.

"Honestly gymnastics and dancing are very, very different. With what I do, I'm so used to doing static poses but with dancing, it's more emotion, it's more feeling, it's more movement and footwork," she revealed. "And also I had to stay in character the whole time. But I am fortunate to have a gymnastics background where I do pick up choreography very quickly."