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'Mad Men' creator: Peggy is definitely coming back

Frank Ockenfels / AMC / Today
Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson on "Mad Men."

Despite -- spoiler alert! -- leaving Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce during the most recent season of "Mad Men," Elisabeth Moss's Peggy Olson will return to the show in some capacity, showrunner/ creator Matthew Weiner told TV Line.

Moss, says Weiner, "is going to be on the show next year." He added, "I can't say how much, in what capacity or what (her story) is going to be, but she has not left the show."

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Though Weiner typically keeps details of "Mad Men" carefully under wraps, he was uncharacteristically open about Moss's return as Olson, the up-and-coming advertising copywriter.

"When people leave Sterling Cooper, sometimes it is the end for (the character),” Weiner said. “But I will spoil that one tiny piece of anticipation and tell people that Elisabeth will be showing up to work.”

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He also noted the similarities to when -- another spoiler! -- Jon Hamm's Don Draper and January Jones' Betty Draper were divorced, which brought into question Jones' future on the show.

"Everyone was like, 'I guess January Jones is off the show,' and I was like, 'Why would she be?' I never understood that," Weiner said.

Recently "Mad Men" scooped up 17 Emmy nominations, including Best Drama for the fifth year in a row. If it wins again, the show will hold the record for winning the most trophies in that category.

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