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Lorenzo Lamas on Ex's Arrest: I Won't Allow Our Kids to Be Subjected to Violence or Instability

Lorenzo Lamas isn't taking his ex-wife's arrest lying down.
/ Source: E!online

Lorenzo Lamas isn't taking his ex-wife's arrest lying down.

"She does have a pattern of getting into relationships that are not healthy," the former Leave It to Lamas star said of fourth wife Shauna Sand, who was arrested last night on suspicion of domestic violence. Her current husband was also booked for spousal battery.

And you can bet Lamas, who recently swapped vows with fifth wife Shawna Craig, is happy that his and Sand's three daughters were at their place this week.

"My kids are with me," he told E! News. "They have been with me this week, they weren't subjected to that event and that was a good thing I was very happy for that. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure a safe environment."

In response to reports that he planned to file for full custody of the children, he told E! News he is willing to "take whatever legal steps are necessary to ensure [their safety]. Certainly, full custody is an option."

He and Sand, who were married for six years, currently have joint custody of the girls.

"We would have them full-time in one second," Lamas said, referring to himself and his new missus. "She is a very selfless person and treats the children as if they are her own...It is the right kind of environment for the children."

The kids love their mother, he added, "but that being said, I am not going to allow them to be subjected to any domestic violence or instability."

Sand is currently free on bond, having been released from custody a few hours after being arrested.

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