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Lopez survives close call with paparazzi

Star says she was nearly involved in a car accident
/ Source: The Associated Press

A recent close call with paparazzi at a traffic light in Beverly Hills gave Jennifer Lopez “goosepimples.”

Lopez says she was almost involved in an accident when a car went “screeeech” right in front of her vehicle. “It was the paparazzi trying to beat the light on the same turn with us,” she said.

“Sometimes they feel like it’s a game; like they’re playing cops and robbers,” Lopez told reporters, according to AP Radio. “I got goosepimples.”

Lopez said she didn’t know she was being followed because “I try to block this stuff out a little bit ’cause it’s the only way to kind of live.”

“Nobody likes to hear somebody in the public eye who they feel makes a lot of money complain, so we don’t, but it is a very strange thing,” the singer-actress said.

“Nobody writes books about how to deal with it or anything like that,” said Lopez. “Maybe I’ll do that next. No. I’ll make no money, it’s not worth it.”