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Lohan and No-Nonsense Judge: They Meet Again...For the First Time?!

Like father, like daughter. In other words, this should be good.
/ Source: E!online

Like father, like daughter. In other words, this should be good.

Remember Judge Marsha Revel, the no-nonsense gavel-pounder who wouldn't take any guff from Lindsay Lohan and who sentenced the actress to 90 days in jail last year (both then and now, the closest she's come to actual justice)?

Well, she just got herself a new case. And it's that of one Michael Lohan. Told ya it was going to be good.

Michael was in court this morning, pleading not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of assaulting former girlfriend Kate Major.

As luck would have it, the judge assigned to hearing his case, which will indeed be heading to court for a four-day trial starting July 5, is none other than Revel.

"Ironically, I finally got my meeting with Judge Revel that I asked for during Lindsay's case!" Lohan told E! News exclusively.

Hey, if you can't joke around after your alleged assault has been set for trial, when can you joke around, right?

"It was an odd way for us to meet. You didn't expect it this way, but yes, we finally spoke."

Coincidence aside, Lohan told E! News that he's ready to fight to clear up his name.

"There are more important issues in my life to deal with. I just want this to go away," he said.

His attorney echoed his sentiments, telling E! News that his client is "ready to go to trial" and that he has lined up no fewer than 12 people to refute Major's charges. During the trial, Lohan's attorney also plans on presenting photos taken of Lohan after the incident to show that he, too, sustained injuries during their altercation.

As for Lindsay, she finally copped to Necklacegate and got a progress hearing of her own set for July 21.

When asked how she was doing, Michael showed some long overdue fatherly pride.

"From what I saw yesterday in Miami, really, really, well." Talk about long overdue.

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