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Liza Minnelli tries the small screen

Singer-actress guest stars on 'Arrested Development'
/ Source: The Associated Press

After 40 years in show business, Liza Minnelli is trying something new. She’s making her sitcom debut in “Arrested Development” on Fox. Minnelli’s appearing in about a half-dozen episodes as a widowed socialite with a crush on Buster, George and Lucille’s youngest son.

Minnelli, 57, stopped her car by the side of a road in Los Angeles and called AP Radio on her cell phone to talk about her sitcom experience and her new makeup line.

       AP Radio: What do you think of sitcom work so far?

       Minnelli: It’s wacky. It’s the maddest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m having such fun doing it because I’m finally allowed to use my comic ability.

       AP Radio: You don’t get to show that side of you very often.

       Minnelli: When (executive producer) Ron Howard called me I was so surprised. He said, ‘How would you like to do a couple of shows and see how you like it? You could be anyone you want to be. We’ll figure it out.’ I’m in five episodes already and they’re talking about more.

       AP Radio: Would you want to be a regular on the show?

       Minnelli: You never know. Things come up. Life is full of surprises and that’s what I love. I love taking new roads and exploring new ways to have fun and to work and to develop spiritually and emotionally.

       AP Radio: You fall in love with one of the sons on the show, right?

       Minnelli: I end up getting a crush on Buster, who is the youngest son.

       AP Radio: What’s your philosophy on dating younger men?

       Minnelli: Anybody should date whoever they want to. It’s a personal thing and it’s their business.

       AP Radio: You also have your own line of lipstick, lip gloss and false eyelashes now (Liza for M.A.C.). The ads call you a beauty icon. What do you think of that?

       Minnelli: I think it’s swell, don’t you? Wouldn’t you like to be called a beauty icon?

       AP Radio: I would, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

       Minnelli: You never know. I’ll get a hold of you. I’ll make you up, slap some eyelashes on you, you’ll look great.

       AP Radio: Being a guy, I don’t get fake eyelashes. Isn’t it kind of gross to glue something on your eyelids?

       Minnelli: Honey! Women love to glue on fake eyelashes! And when they’re natural-looking and accentuate what you’ve got, it’s a marvelous feeling.