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Life imitates 'Gilmore Girls'! See how Luke's Diner was perfectly re-created

OK, it's not the real deal and we're pretty sure Luke isn't around. But fans are just loving that they can (however briefly) pull up a stool.
/ Source: TODAY

"Gilmore Girls" fans, let's do lunch! Where? At Luke's Diner, of course.

The famous eatery from the classic TV show has been re-created at the 77th annual VidCon in Anaheim, California, and "Girls" fans from all over just can't get over it.

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Thanks to Netflix, which recently rebooted the series, there's a booth at the convention that exactly reproduces the diner, which was a place of good food, good times and a sometimes brusque proprietor.

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Luke Danes, sad to say, doesn't seem to be making an appearance.

Luke's diner (Gilmore Girls)
Luke's diner (Gilmore Girls)Gilmore Girls / Facebook

Nor is any food or coffee.

But at least you can go home and stream all seven seasons of the series, ahead of the "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" revival.

And that's pretty good service!

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