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Kathie Lee: I've been through 'hell and high water' with Kris Jenner

TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford and TV host Kris Jenner have a few laughs on the set of "Kris".

TODAY co-host Kathie Lee Gifford and reality-TV star Kris Jenner spent some time reminiscing about all they'd been through together— “hell and high water,” KLG admitted — over old photographs on Kris Jenner's new talk show, "Kris", on Monday. It was all the past fun they've had that kept the women laughing (and gently ribbing each other) throughout the show. That, and their bosom.

“Look how small my breasts are,” Kathie Lee pointed out, in a photo of her looking very much like a young Nicole Kidman. “After sixty, the boobs take over your life!”

The next photo of the best friends, in which Kris wore a pink sequin pencil skirt, left KLG speechless. “Wow, look at you,” were the only words she could manage, although it's only fair to note that Kathie Lee was wearing an animal print slip dress in the very same photo.

Flashback: Kathie Lee and Kris take a look back at their former fashion taste.

Just after that Kris felt compelled to confess her true feelings for KLG. “You're magical. You've been such a great force and inspiration in my life,” she said, close to tears.

The two continued to talk old times, like a shared trip to Italy with their families, at which point the discussion swung back around to breasts. Kris recalled attempting to shop on a vacation in Florence and accidentally ending up in the backroom of a boutique with the store's substitute clerk, who didn't know how to use the cash register.

“The thing I didn't realize was that he didn't speak English,” Kris said, “so he thought I was coming on to him when I wanted to take him into the back [to help with the register]. So we get to the backroom and he's speaking Italian and the only thing I understood was chi-chi-wah-wah,” Kris laughed, pretending to juggle her bosom as KLG did the same, thus proving the two are close pals for great reason.

By the end of the conversation, KLG had her own confession to make. “You know the best part about getting older, Kris? That you finally realize what's really, really important. And you have finally chiseled down your life to the very few people whose opinions actually matter,” KLG said, looking directly at her friend.

“And she's here,” Kris said, “and that means a lot.”

“It doesn't mean that we don't miss our thighs,” Kathie Lee joked. “We do. And we miss our perky breasts and we miss so many things. But it's not what we've lost, sweetheart, it's what we've got ahead of us.”