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Katharine McPhee shows off fake baby bump

Despite revealing pictures on the Web, former ‘Idol’ finalist enjoys fame
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Just eight months ago, “Access Hollywood” caught up with a fit and trim Katharine McPhee during a photo shoot.

Oh, how times have changed. McPhee’s flat tummy has turned into a full-fledged baby bump.

Of course, it’s all in the name of art — specifically, her new movie “House Bunny” with Anna Faris and Rumer Willis.

Access’” Billy Bush paid a visit to the set to talk to McPhee about life as a knocked up sorority girl.

“This image is great — unmarried and pregnant,” McPhee laughed.

Made-up-mama-to-be McPhee was rockin’ the faux pregnancy glow as she showed off her prosthetic belly on the set of her new indie comedy.

“How does it attach?” Bush asked.

“Well, it’s kind of like a bra. It’s attached as all one piece. Imagine a leotard on a ballerina,” she explained. “If I lifted my dress… you’d probably be offended so I won’t do that.”

“We’ve seen it before,” Bush joked.

“Of course you have. How could I forget those pictures,” McPhee sighed.

McPhee has provided some top notch paparazzi material on the set. Not only was she snapped taking a squeegee to her baby bump in between takes, but thanks to one ill-timed gust of wind, Kat also showed off a different “side,” as her dress went flying.

“No one actually wanted to tell me that it was out there until went online myself and was like, oh,” she said of the photo showing off her backside.

“Is it worth it?” Bush asked. “A life that’s full of fantastic projects and successful albums and all of that to occasionally have a shot of your rear out there for the world to see?”

“Well fortunately for me, the lighting was good in that picture,” she smiled.

But Katharine isn’t the only character sporting an outrageous costume for “House Bunny.”

The film’s star and creator Anna Faris plays an exiled Playboy bunny-turned-sorority house leader.

And she gets to flaunt her killer body in a barely there costume creation.

“I’m their house mom and some of the girls are pretty resistant to the idea of a former bunny being their house mom,” Faris explained.

“It’s the bookworm sorority,” Bush added.

“Yeah it is,” she said.

Then, there’s the back-brace bearing Rumer Willis, who proudly parades a bulky apparatus for her role as a socially inept sorority gal.

“I think it’s kind of sexy,” Willis joked.

As it turns out, “Access” just happened to be there for a special occasion — Rumer’s 19th birthday. Bush gathered the “Bunny” troops for a calorie-packed birthday surprise.

“I think it’s the biggest cake I’ve ever seen,” McPhee exclaimed.

“How would your Pilates instructor feel about you eating half of this?” Bush asked Faris.

“Awesome,” she smiled.

“Thank you guys, this is amazing,” birthday girl Willis said. “It’s probably the biggest cake I’ve ever had.”