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Kate Gosselin has her eye on Hollywood

Despite the troubles of being a reality-show star, Kate Gosselin said she wants to stay in the limelight even after her show is off the air and would "love to be in a movie at some point."
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Answering what she described as "any and all reasonable questions" on the Monday episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Kate Gosselin refuted allegations she and her now-estranged husband Jon staged their renewal of vows in Hawaii, she insisted her kids were OK on the show — and she left the door open for a second marriage.

Despite all the troubles being a reality-show star has brought her, Kate also said she wants to stay in the limelight even after her show goes off the air.

"I've done enough years on TV that I feel like it's a normal, comfortable, natural place to be," she said. "I'd love to be in a movie at some point, I'd love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun."

As for being married again?

"To be honest, I don't know," she said when asked by a viewer. "I really don't want to be married again, but I don't want to be alone. The alone-ness is really alone."

For the most part, the questions steered clear of the family drama. Viewers were interested in Kate's shoe fetish, and whether she's still clipping coupons.

Kate, 34, did lash out at the media, saying the glare of the spotlight has made it hard to maintain friendships. But she was firm in her insistence that fame hasn't harmed her kids, a claim Jon, 32, made to try to end the show.

"They're not suffering from this," she said. "The fact that they have these different experiences they need to handle is only going to help them in life."

Dogs not gone foreverOn the other hand, asked if the craziness of raising eight kids while in the middle of a nasty divorce ever pushes her to the edge, she came clean.

"Hello, have you seen out show?" she asked. "Yes, I do flip out." As for the family's dogs, which were returned to a trainer in September, Kate said made the decision to get rid of them because she had too much on her hands, but that she would bring them back if things calmed down. "I knew the dogs needed more than I could give them," she said. "Are they gone forever? I'm hoping not."