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Kaley Cuoco proves she knows all the lyrics to 'Big Bang Theory' theme

After around 230 episodes, you'd think every member of the cast would have this down pat by now!
/ Source: TODAY

Kaley Cuoco is up for anything, and she'd have to be: She's been the comic foil among a clutch of seriously off-kilter scientists for around 230 episodes of "The Big Bang Theory."

So when an audience member on "The Tonight Show" asked if she knew the lyrics to her show's theme song, naturally Cuoco didn't hesitate!

OK, she did hesitate, for a second, but it was clearly to clear her mind. "I could try," she said.

And then she leapt into the tune with pure zest!

Kaley Cuoco Tries To Sing 'The Big Bang Theory' Theme Song On 'The Tonight Show'
Kaley Cuoco and Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."NBC

That said, she didn't have the time (or possibly the recall) to sing the entire song. The words featured in the opening credits of "Theory" are only part of the tune, which was recorded by The Barenaked Ladies and has a whole other section that follows.

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If you'd like to see that, then check out this official video, in which the band tackles the whole thing (and you can see cast members joining in):

And that's nearly as awesome as watching Cuoco!

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