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Justin Bieber carried up Great Wall of China by bodyguards

Justin Bieber gets a little help from his friends while on the Great Wall of China. The tweet that first used this photo has since been taken down.

For anyone who thinks you're supposed to walk up all those steps on China's Great Wall, new photos of Justin Bieber demonstrate how a pop prince tackles the historic landmark.

On the BelieveTourUpdates Twitter account, Bieber is pictured Monday riding on the shoulders of two bodyguards as he tours the Wall. Other images show the 19-year-old singer actually walking, and one image shows him posing with his posse with the caption, "We made it up top!! #GreatWall"

" We+made+it+up+top!!+#GreatWall"+-+(alfredoflores+via+instagram)+pic.twitter.com/nyTstS958j


The @BelieveTUpdates account shared numerous other photos of Bieber in Beijing, where he performed this week. He rode a bike and a skateboard and a Segway (shirtless) and visited an Apple Store wearing a policeman's cap — so, you know, to avoid drawing any attention.

Justin+riding+shietless+on+a+segway.+ Justin+via+instagram+-+(October+1st,+2013)+pic.twitter.com/92SAJp6bSK


The pop star is rapidly canvassing his body with a variety of tattoos, and one photo reveals a new Biblical verse on his back: "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalms 119 : 105" A fitting tribute for a guy whose feet barely touched the path on the Great Wall.

But in a reminder that small children and stuffed panda bears are always worth cuddling, Bieber gets a few points for uploading a video that should lift us all up just a little bit.