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Just Admit It: You Love The Killing!

You hate, hate, hate The Killing. You think Sunday's season finale was "terrible," "awful," and quite likely "the worst season finale in the history of the universe."
/ Source: E!online

You hate, hate, hate The Killing.

You think Sunday's season finale was " terrible," " awful," and quite likely " the worst season finale in the history of the universe."

You, sir or madam, are a liar.

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You watched the show--and, give or take a break here and there, you stayed with it all season long.

Oh, sure, you loved The Killing more in April when the world was shiny and new, and the AMC series was praised as a " damp good mystery."

Some 2.7 million tuned in the premiere. It was the Mad Men network's second-biggest opener ever.

As the weeks dragged on, and the sniping began, viewership levels undeniably dipped.

The season's penultimate episode averaged just 1.8 million.

With the crime drama's sins-- all nine of them --so evident, the downward spiral should have continued.

But it didn't. Because you didn't hate it enough to not care.

Sunday's episode, you see, sucked back in 2.3 million.

So, go ahead, and admit it: You love The Killing.

You love to complain about it.

Other ratings winners from the TV week that was:

- Falling Skies: On a killer Sunday, nothing killed more than TNT's new space-invader series, which beamed up 5.9 million viewers, tops among all scripted cable series.

- The Walking Dead: The show did not premiere. As for why we misread this TVBytheNumbers story, as well as the results from a few followup searches (to "confirm" what we'd misread), and then convinced ourselves the Nielsen rankings had erroneously left out the AMC show, we can only surmise we're the walking dead, too.

- Game of Thrones: Another Sunday show, another Sunday hit. The HBO series closed out its first season with its biggest audience yet: 3 million viewers.

- Drop Dead Diva: So, something had to get shut out on Sunday, right? We suppose, but it wasn't the Lifetime series, which recorded 2.9 million viewers for its season-three premiere, not far off from the 3.1 million for its season-two starter.

- Covert Affairs: The USA spy show was cable's most-watched drama series not airing on Sunday (3.9 million viewers).

- Pretty Little Liars: New season, same old showing-Gossip Girl-how-it's-done numbers (3.7 million viewers).

- Well-timed relationship woes: Still never a bad idea, as the makers of Gene Simmons Family Jewels can attest.

- The Voice: Impressively, it almost, but not quite, dethroned America's Got Talent as TV's most-watched show (12.3 million viewers for the former versus 12.6 million for the latter).

- Hockey--yes, hockey! The sweater-boasting Game 7 Stanley Cup ice-off drew more viewers (8.5 million) than bikini-clad summer shows such as The Bachelorette (7.9 million) and the Miss USA pageant (7.4 million--a four-year high).

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