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Johnny Depp's Ready for 21 Jump Street Movie?!

Johnny Depp didn't enjoy 21 Jump Street then, but
/ Source: E!online

Johnny Depp didn't enjoy 21 Jump Street then, but

The Oscar-nominated actor, who replied with a simple "no" recently when David Letterman asked him if he enjoyed making the cheesy '80s cop show, looks to be reverting to his usual good-sport ways and may end up showing his pretty face in the upcoming feature-film reboot being penned by Jonah Hill.

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Depp's rep tells E! News that an uncredited Depp cameo is in the works, though no one can say yet whether he'd be showing up as his character of yore, Officer Tom Hanson (who's almost as fresh-faced now as he was in 1987), or someone else.

Hill is cowriting the script with Michael Bacall and starring alongside Channing Tatum, Rob Riggle, Ice Cube and Dave Franco, brother of James. Shooting is expected to start in May.

And even though we imagine Tatum will be doing plenty of bench presses to prepare and Hill will be bringing the funny...a Johnny Depp cameo certainly can't hurt.

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