John Stamos talks rehab on TODAY: 'I made a choice and I'm just so grateful I did'

/ Source: TODAY

Over the summer, John Stamos entered rehab, and while it was a difficult decision to make, it's one he has absolutely no regrets about.

During a Monday morning visit to TODAY, the actor opened up about what led to his rehab stint.

"Well, I lost my mother last year, and she was the love of my life — obviously a difficult time for me," he explained.

In June, he was arrested for driving under the influence.

"I had this moment, I had some time off, and I had a decision to make," he said. "So I took advantage of the time. And I made a choice, and I'm just so grateful I did."

John Stamos on TODAYTODAY

It was a choice he'd gone "back and forth" over in the past. But this time, he knew he had support.

"I had such goodwill behind me," Stamos said. "A lot of people were like, 'Hey, John, go get healthy! We love you.' So it was time. I'm glad I did it."

Now he has two new TV shows on the way, FOX's "Grandfathered" (which premieres Wednesday) and Netflix's "Fuller House" (the highly anticipated "Full House" spinoff due next year), and he told TODAY, " I feel better than I've felt in a decade. I feel very, very good."

John Stamos on TODAYTODAY

And that's great!

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