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Jennifer Garner survives ‘Kingdom’ heat stroke

Jennifer Garner is an actress committed to her craft.

So committed, in fact, that it proved hazardous to her health last August on the set of her upcoming action drama, “The Kingdom.”

With the Arizona desert doubling for the film’s location of Saudi Arabia, the heat approached 140 degrees on the blacktop — which proved to be a little taxing on the mother of the then 8-month-old Violet Anne.

“I succumbed to the heat a couple times,” Jennifer told “Access Hollywood’s” Tony Potts. “I was still breast feeding my baby at the time and so...”

“So all your fluids were going out,” Potts finished.

“Yeah, everything your body needs, all the electrolytes goes to the baby, and so my system was all screwed up and I had heat stroke,” Garner explained. “And that happened to me... twice.”

“How long before you got to the hospital, what’d they do, put IV in you or something?” Potts asked.

“They gave me an IV and filled me back up,” she replied.

“And sent you back out,” said Potts.

“Sent me back out!” Garner exclaimed.

And while Garner was obviously a trooper for jumping right back into action, how did she say her husband, Ben Affleck, responded when he heard the news?

“He actually was at the wrap party for his movie which he directed (‘Gone Baby Gone’). And he gets this call — it was just like, ‘I don’t feel good!’

“He got right on a plane,” she told Potts, “and he came that minute.”

“The Kingdom” follows a team of U.S. government agents that is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.

The film, which also stars Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman, opens September 28.