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Is Jackson's ex-wife telling the truth?

Question list, transcript reveal the rest of Debbie Rowe interview
/ Source: NBC News

Two years ago, viewers saw a select few clips of Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe praising her former husband after a damaging documentary about the pop star aired.

"He would never hurt a child," Rowe said on tape in a pro-Jackson documentary meant to rebut Jackson's own admissions that he shared his bedroom with young boys.

But what else did Rowe say beyond the few interview cuts that aired? Much of Rowe's three-hour interview never aired.

Prosecutors insist Rowe's interview was scripted, though Rowe denied it on the stand Wednesday, insisting there was no script or rehearsal. She even refused to look at a list of questions, she testified.

Yet NBC News has obtained that questions list from a source close to Jackson at the time, as well as a complete transcript of Rowe's interview.

Rowe called Jackson "brilliant ... so funny ... generous. Always puts people ahead of himself ... "

Is he a fit parent? she was asked.

"Absolutely," she replied. "You will not find a better parent in my opinion."

"Is he gay?"

"No. He is not gay."

She also clearly stated: "He is not a pedophile."

Nothing 'inappropriate'Was Rowe comfortable with Jackson being around their children despite allegations of molestation?

"He would never do anything inappropriate with children, ever," Rowe said.

And why did she surrender her parental rights to Jackson?

"If it hadn't been for how much I love him ... I would never have had children," Rowe replied. "I didn't change diapers, I didn't get up in the middle of the night ... Michael did it all."

There were, however, personal questions she wouldn't answer: Was she artificially inseminated? Had she ever seen Jackson naked?

When asked, regarding her son Prince Michael's birth, "Did you have sex to make that child?", she angrily offered this response: "Why are you guys so interested in that?"

"That's my business," she added.

In court Wednesday, she looked right at Jackson when she explained she did the interview because she hoped to reconnect with their children — and with him. But she added, intriguingly, that she was not truthful about some things she said in that interview, starting with Jackson's parenting skills.

NBC's Mike Taibbi contributed to this report.