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It's Britney, $#%^&! Promo shows Spears isn't the nice judge on 'X Factor'

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Britney Spears may have been a pop princess, but don't expect her to be all sweetness and compliments when she's working as a judge on "The X Factor." 

A new teaser from Fox reveals a first look at the singer in her new role, and for those expecting her critiques to be along the lines of what Jennifer Lopez delivers on "American Idol," think again. There are no "That was beautiful, baby" or "you look nice." Instead, the promo shows that Britney will cut to the chase.

"You can't destroy that song, sweetie," she tells one hopeful.

"Bad to the bone," she says to another.

"Very predictable," she spits out with a bored look.

Not very America's Sweetheart-like! Check it out: 

"The X Factor" premieres Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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