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‘Idol’s’ Bowersox: ‘I never intended on quitting’

If we’ve learned one thing from “American Idol” this season, it’s that what happens in the parking lot with Ryan Seacrest does not stay in the parking lot with Ryan Seacrest.
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If we’ve learned one thing from “American Idol” this season, it’s that what happens in the parking lot with Ryan Seacrest does not stay in the parking lot with Ryan Seacrest.

Last week we learned that, allegedly, the parking lot is where contestant Crystal Bowersox had an emotional run-in with Seacrest. And there, under the stars among the cars, Bowersox reportedly revealed a homesick heart. Seacrest, in turn, urged her to soldier on and stay on the show, according to reports.

This week, we learned that the incident — or at least the reporting of the incident (first by TMZ) — caused Bowersox to text to a castoff, “I’m ok… betrayed by Seacrest.”

Now comes news that there was indeed a conversation in the parking lot, but it had nothing to do with quitting. “I never intended on quitting. None of that (was true),” Bowersox told E! of the reports that claimed Seacrest saved the show from losing its far-and-away best contestant.

“We had a conversation, but it definitely didn't go down the way that it has been portrayed as,” Bowersox said. “We had a simple, civil conversation. Ryan gave me great advice. And I highly respect him. I am not mad at Ryan Seacrest. He is a great man. We just bumped into each other and had a good talk,” said Bowersox.

Jon Gosselin likes a lady with deep pockets The dad of eight hasn’t had much luck finding work since he and TLC parted ways, and apparently his luck with women hasn’t been much better. The relationships he had when his divorce to Kate was being finalized have fallen apart.

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Most recently, the girl he was living with in the L.A. area “threw him out,” according to a source close to Jon — “basically, at the same time that he filed the lawsuit against Kate” that requested an amendment to his alimony and child-support obligations.

Now, Jon is interested in another woman, one who can support him while he’s strapped for cash. “He has a new 40-something, Washington, D.C., love interest,” a Gosselin insider told Us Weekly. “She’s rich — and he’s hoping to have her back one of his projects.”

What that project is specifically is not certain. However, Us reports that Gosselin has been knocking on TLC’s door.

“He has been lobbying TLC to get a show of his own,” the insider said. “It’s killing him that Kate is having all of this success.”

Kate’s show, “Twist of Kate,” debuts on the network this summer.

Yoko Ono won’t duet with John Lennon A piece of good news for anyone who is creeped out by the duet trend in which talent takes the stage with someone who appears from beyond the grave: Yoko Ono won’t do it.

In an interview with IndieRockCafé.com, Ono said that she wouldn’t perform alongside a screen projection of her late husband, nor would she ever repurpose one of Lennon’s songs and add her voice to it. “No, no. I respect too much John’s music to do something like that,” she told the website.

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