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‘Idol’ fans holdstrong opinions

Carrie Underwood remains a heavy favorite
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It's been said over and over that the men are better singers than the women on this edition of "American Idol." Yet an overwhelming majority of readers think a woman, Carrie Underwood, will win it all.

That said, every singer still remaining has defenders as well as many who think he or she should be the next to go home. Here are just some of your comments this week.

“Hey Simon ... get off of Anthony’s back geeeeesh.  I think you personally don’t like him, and no matter what he sang you would say he sucks.”    --Mary

“Anthony needs to go. He shouldn’t have even been in the top 500. He is just horrible. The world already has one Clay Aiken, who no one likes anyway; we do not need another one!”    --James

“I though Anthony would be a lock to be voted off — his performance couldn’t have been cheesier — but he wasn’t even in the bottom three! Like last season when John Stephens kept getting voted through because people felt sorry for him (he got viciously slammed by Simon each and every week), Anthony is getting voted through because he’s a nice guy and he’s overcome tough odds to be able to be in the competition at all.”  --Anonymous

“Anwar’s voice is unique as well.  Not was much showmanship however that’s something that will come with time.  He has probably the most trained voice.”     --Mousie

“Anwar, easy on the eyes, but not good enough for the ‘Idol’ position.”  --Louise

“Bo is the man. It would be nice to have a kickass rocker win this thing. I am a little tired of the sweetie pies winning.”    --Anonymous

“In this two-horse race (Bo and Carrie) it comes down to who would I pay money to watch perform ... and the answer is BO! Carrie has a nice voice and looks great standing still; and that’s the problem, she just stands there. In concert she would put me to sleep by her second song.”    --Marcus

“Bo, well everyone is rooting for Bo, but personally, if he picks up the mike to walk around the stage one more time, I’m going to puke.  I don’t see what everyone sees in him.  Big deal, so he’s a rocker.  We have plenty of rockers that are better than he is.”  --Mousie

“Bo stands out from everyone else in the competition.  He is the most unique competitor by far (who else has had the guts to try and sing a Jim Croce classic??).  Every week he proves that a voice that would seem suited mainly for rock music can adapt to other genres.  In this competition, he is a diamond among the glass.  I look forward to buying his CD.”    --Nikki

“Constantine could be made a star — he needs voice training but already has the charisma.”  --Jo Anna

“I would prefer that Constantine go before Nikko. Constantine can not sing at all I have to leave the room when he performs. He should have been sent home along time ago”  --SRW

“I am with those who think Scott is a poor singer, and pretty disgusting to look at. Isn’t an ‘American Idol’ supposed to have both talent and star quality? He has neither. It is also funny how the rules apply to some contestants like Frenchie and Corey, but not to Scott. If he had told the producers about his problems, OK ... but, by this logic a mass murderer could be on ‘American Idol’ if they admitted what they had done to producers. I’m not buying it. Two final words on Scott: Overweight, undertalented.”    --Kristi

“Scott’s mumbling and inability to take constructive criticism shows who he truly is.”    --Rachel

“I like Scott, He has an edge to him that’s sexy.” --Chris

FEMALE FINALISTS:CARRIE“I would like Carrie to win but she needs to step it up a notch to really prove herself an ‘American Idol.’”    --Melanie

“I think Carrie will win.  She is boring and seems a little lost, but given the proper management she has what it takes to go far: a great voice, good looks and a down-to-earth image that America can connect to.”  --Kristy

“As to who should win? Carrie definitely! I picked her out as the next winner during her first audition!  Country girls rule!” –Terri

“I’m rooting for Carrie. The competition gave up on their early arguments about her singing ability, her looks, now they’re left with ‘she’s boring.’ Well, all I can say is she’s the only one that holds my family’s complete attention while on stage performing, none of the others do. But, I say leave them this one outlet left for attacking her, perhaps it will help level the playing field a little because otherwise this season’s been a blowout, a complete mismatch with the rest of the contestants being out-classed in every way.”   --G

“Carrie Underwood is okay, but too Barbie for me.”    --Nikki

“Carrie is so boringggggggggggggg. I wouldn’t buy her CD unless I wanted to use it as a sleeping pill.”    --Lonnie

“In my personal opinion, I think the winner should be Nadia.  She can sing and has great stage presence and isn’t afraid to show it, even if it involves changing her image, to fit the song.”    --Stephanie

“Why does Nadia always look like she’s in pain when she sings?  Seriously ... what’s up with her face.”  --Chris

“Nadia is the most consistent performer and has never delivered less than a B+ performance, whereas all the others have delivered some Cs or lower more consistently than not. Nadia is also the most versatile, not to mention the most magnetic and electrifying personality this season. Therefore, Nadia should win.”    --Sierra

“Vonzell has really suprised me I thought she was very average in the beginning, but lately she’s really shown her stuff.”    --Kristy

“Vonzell should have NOT been in the bottom three.  I consider her to be in the TOP three, along with Bo and Carrie.”  --Paul

“Hated Paula when she likened Vonzell to Barbra. Not just likened, but actually said she’s better! Hello! has she ever heard Barbra Streisand sing? No wonder her singing career fizzled!”    --Aisha

GENERAL THOUGHTS“I think the way the votes are tabulated is wrong. You should only be allowed to vote for your favorite one time each week! Those that have a lot of family or friends get thru unfairly!!  And those that don’t may get voted off way too early — look at Jessica!  It is most definitely a popularity vote, NOT a best singer one!”  --Terri

“This season of ‘American Idol’ is horrible! Any true ‘American Idol’ fan knows this to be true. There are no great singers. No Rubens or Clays.  Bring back George and the Three Divas, and dump these duds.”  --Jordan-Noel

“I don’t care who wins, or loses. I found my Idol, his name is Clay Aiken.”  --Jean